Saturday, June 28, 2008


*sniff sniff* hmm… smells familiar!

My room – smells like Starbucks already! *eyebrows raised twice*

I am so much caffeinated these few weeks. If I used to drink coffee occasionally, say once or twice a month (with half packet brew in a full mug of water), but now it seems like everyday!!! This is just not Bil!

I was brought up to think that coffee is not good, especially for kids. Mama prohibited us from taking coffee (as there was always an inquisitive factor in the environment where I was breed - there were always 2 pots of caffeinated drinks at Mak’s house, one is filled with tea, and the other is coffee). If coffee is bad then how can the elderly drink them? Now, at the age of 22, I guess I am ‘old’ enough to endure myself in the caffeinated state.

Coffee is not bad after all…
(trust me, read this article “Drink Coffee May Extend Life” and you might want to hit the Starbucks by then)

Black coffee reminds me of atok…
Nescafe reminds me of mbah…

Both my grandpa had quite a long life, they both lived up to more than 80 years! – might be the caffeine effects. It’s just that atok passed away few years before mbah, maybe because atok used to smoke pipe, with all the nicotine, tobacco, tar and stuff… (naughty2!).
(Al-fatihah to both of my warriors)

Caffeine products that fueled me lately:
  • Nescafe Body Partner with Hi-Calcium
  • Kapal Api Kopi Moka
  • Good Day Carrebian Nut
  • Power Root Chocolate with Kacip Fatimah
  • CNI Ginseng Coffee
  • CNI Ginseng Tea
  • BOH Teh tarik 2 in 1 (sugar free)
  • Milo Fuze with Hi-Calcium milk

I should burn out my Lampe Berger tonight so that I won't be sleeping in the 'coffee aromatic' room. Though I love the so-called Starbucks smells, but I prefer sleeping with eucalyptus aroma better.


umi.inmilan said...

bil ... umi ingat mak kasi bil minum kopi since bil umor 6 bulan lagi tau .... bila umi kate 'mak, baby tak boleh minum kopi'. mak jawab 'kau org kecik2 pun aku bagi minum, pandai juga.' so, moral of the stori ... minum lah kopi untuk kesejehateraan anda!

Bil said...

hahahaha!! tu la.. ape je yg mak tak bagi bil?! EVERYTHINGGGGG!!! i diagnosed myself with PIKA when i was small (go check medical dictionary)

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