Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's Cry Out Loud!

I hate you along!!!!!
Your fotopages entry spells me a S.T.R.E.S.S with capital letters!

Check out what my so-called lovely family did behind my back when I was not around (when I was squeezing my braincells for exams especially) - for I'm crying out loud! - click here


The Evil Along said...

mcm aku kesah!!! tunggu bil balek baru nak buat mmg tak jadi lah!!

by the by, bil patut letak suare mama jerit suruh bangun - itu mmg agak efektif!

HOT! HOT! HOT! alg baru discovered naufal ade gf baru name .lyn.!!! siap tanye budak tuh 'lyn rase naufal comel tak?' kau boleh???? bf budak tuh 14/6! sms ckp melayu dgn budak tuh!

and his evil Along (whats new?) telah melakukan sesuatu di luar jangkaan... alg tukar number budak tuh letak number alg... so, kalau dia sms, alg lah dpt! ahhaahkkss... so far dia takde sms lagi lah! mungkin dia dah tau kot? ciiiissss....

the evil along said...

opppsy daisy. bday .lyn. 14/6!

oh my God!!! adikku skang sms ckp melayu.. so NOT HIM!!!

Bil said...

OMG, very the evil along... (but witted!! i lyoke~ nnt kite beli satu simcard baru, kita tukar number phone letak dkt nama Lyn tu!)
but can u like.. for once, leave your adik2 in peace and mind our own ass?!!

biaaaaase dia! nak kena dgn *tOooT*~

*nosy sisters mode* along along!! hows the progression of the 2 little girls in crocs? dah P ke blom? ade bf tak?!

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