Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wake up call

Most of the morning, I wake up by the alarm on my handphone. The tone had been the irritating ‘noise’ of Asereje (by Las Ketchup) for the past 4 years. I thought I needed some aggravated annoying noise to make my adrenaline rushing abruptly through my veins and thus evict off the sleeping wave in my brain. That was an impulsive way to get me off bed, it was rather mean and detrimental especially to my heart – not a very good morning beginning to start a day.

My all time favourite sound is the sound of water, like in the calm river with a stray of little streams, the sound of waves hitting the beach, the raindrops or something like the sound of man-made water fountain. Particularly, the sound of H2O molecules in the hitting motions. Oh yea, and I love to wake up listening to the birds chirping. I listen to that every morning, and I somehow can envisage the messages the birds are trying to tell. Most of the time, I think the birds are having some bitchy cat fights and arguing each other.

Back to my alarm tone, I’ve changed it to the most energetic tone ever that can keep me bouncy the whole day. Ceewaah~ It’s ‘Get up and go’ by Hanson. Hanson must have composed the song especially for me I reckon *wink*

Then few minutes later, Zhaf called… what a beautiful morning to start with. First I was waken by Taylor Hanson chanting me to ‘Get up and go’, then Zhaf called, giving me the morning spirit and the thought that… I AM LOVED! (by both men I love, hehe)

One of my new year resolutions was 'not to neglect' the Daily Health Newsletter from Medicinenet. So far, I've only read a few, and here's for today -
For those who needs some realization, read this! 'For Happiness, Seek Family not Fortune'

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