Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr. Bil is MC for a day

I’ve wanted to do this the whole day – blogging. Somehow something is hindering me – wonder what. Today is such an unproductive day! Been sleeping and tossing around on bed the whole day! Body is aching, no appetite for food (only had biscuits and quaker oats). Its study week now, finals start on the 23rd which is just less than 6 days. OMG! (yeah, OMG!).

Why didn’t I blog earlier?
1. Head was spinning (IS still spinning though)
2. Air filling up my gaster, thus I’ve no appetite, no food consuming, no energy to write
3. Whole body is aching. My back especially
4. Is it just because it’s ‘study week’?
5. I have no idea what to blog about? (aahh tipu!!! I had a lot to write)
6. No time to online (tipuuuu lagi!!! I’ve been online since I woke up this morning)
7. Just need to study (yeaaaaaaaaa rite Bil!!! Yeah you NEED to study, but did you??!) *bLush*

So now I’ve started writing... what is that ‘so many things’ to write about?
1. The 1 day countdown before Hari H of Dekan Cup (Saturday, 14th July)
2. Saturday was a damn hectic day of choral speaking practice and dancing the Bendera song (8am – 4pm)
3. Also supporting our liveband in the battle of the band
4. My batch won the cooking contest. Congrats guys!!! And we messed up the whole place cooking the leftovers and celebrate our victory
5. Dekan Cup Day – one heck of the hectiest day so far.
6. I was a lousy conductor for our choral speaking, but things turned out great though
7. Maybe I got Indonesianized – as I wrote the script on Perjuangan Indonesia for the choral speaking, wore the red+white neck tie, and was totally enjoyed dancing and singing along the lagu Bendera, holding up one Indonesia flag on my hand.
8. Batch 2005 is officially the over-all champion for the Dekan Cup year 2008. Worth all the hard work, pain, time and money spent.
9. I’m loving my batchmates, I’m loving Indonesians.
10. Got home, drop dead! All body aching.
11. Planning to call Ibu Leny for massage tomorrow.

Check out the song Bendera by Cokelat. It’s one heck of a cool patriotic song. Can some Malaysian write a patriotic song like this??? It gives the effect of nationalism, minus the ‘kindergarten-like-melody’. To Malaysian, take time to compare this Bendera song with our Jalur Gemilang.

Starting tomorrow 17th July, 2008:
Jogging - MC (body aching)
Studying - Night shift (Gotta start hitting the books somehow!!)
Procrastinating - Quit!!!
Shopping - weekends only
Sleeping - After 11pm at least
Pool - Quit!!
Chatting - On condition
Blogging - Short entry with time limit.
Facebooking - With time limit. Application limited for FFS and My City. No checking out other people's profiles! Stop being nosy granny!!

p/s: below are photos taken yesterday, before and after the Dekan Cup event. I'll update with more pics later!

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