Friday, June 27, 2008

Heartbreaking moment

If I were ruthless I would shout this out loud “bittttchhhhh, you fucked up my future!!!!” Well, though it is not confirmed that my ‘future’ is ruined just yet, but for the moment my emotion is all wrecked up and “whaattha?!!”…

My mood is filled with a twist of devastation, anger and resentment, all weaved up neatly like a tangy marshmallow. If only I could eat them, I would chew, grind, crush and squash them up into tiny unidentified insignificant pieces, swallow them and turned them into a stinky, smelliest shit the bowl has ever get!

IPD (Ilmu Penyakit Dalam @ internal medicine) was such heartbreak. I’m under suppression, stifling down my depression. I wouldn’t say that the questions were tricky, but the whole paper was rather a bizarre itself!

First of all, there were 98 MCQ questions, in the duration of 100 minutes. It means that 60.2 seconds for each question? Less actually, minus the time for us to fill up (blacken up) our names, date and student ID number. Almost half of the questions came with a long specific cases, there must be few seconds wasted just to read out the case, a few more to analyzed, a few more to think and decide on the best possible answer, and a few more seconds to tick/shade on the OMR paper. So basically, it was more a fight-over-time battle rather than striving for the best answer situation there. I understand the value of every millisecond in life especially when dealing with deadly situation later when I am facing the real life-saving situation, but in this theory exam case, would you guys please be more lenient and have some merci on us? Relax la…! Kecoh btol! Give us more time and we’ll think better!

Secondly (ridiculously), there can be more than one possible answer to one question. Means that, we can shade up more than 98 circles in the OMR paper to the maximum of 490 shades (if someone is silly enough to shade up all 5 answers for all 98 questions…) !!! There is such a wide range of number shades among 168 students who sat for the paper just now. If you have more than one answer means you’re shading up more and wasting a few more milliseconds than those who have lesser answer than you! The marking system is however, still an absurd.

Thirdly (comically or tricky?), there were cases such as e.g : “Pria berusia 56 tahun, ibu rumah tangga dengan keluhan blabla, gula darah blabla..” So, this patient is actually a house husband? Or there is a mistake in that sentence?

Fourthly, I need to get to find out what kind of Diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus type 1½(It reminds me of 'Platform 9¾')

I was driven with dawdling pace back home in a hypoglycemic state and a slight hypertension. I decided to get some big lunch, for once in a blue moon I had rice. A quarter portion of rice with sayur pecel and ikan tongkol. Damn, I won’t eat that tongkol anymore! Tak sedap!!! The bones are weird either, and one still stuck in between my sinister maxillary 2nd premolar and 1st molar teeth :P

IPD was bitching up with me today…

Pediatric was rather more rascal than ever! There are just too much to blogged about it – I rather keep it to myself. But I would be so much proud of myself if I can be a pediatrician one day and tell my little patients that I flung my 6th sem pediatric final paper. Wait, NO! how can I fail? I never flung any paper before this, and I won’t let that happen.

Oh Allah, the most merciful, I rely on you, if you won’t give me an A, at least not less than C+ pleaseee… Amin~


umi.inmilan said...

Bil, kan umi nak jadi receptionist kat klinik kanak2 nabilah ... so kesian kan lah umi ni,kalau tak de klinik tu, tak de lah umi kerja lepas pencen nnti. love u!

Bil said...

Umi... :(
Dont worry, will work on it!

along.baru.makan.durian said...


dia ade pencen!!! jgn risau! patut bagi alg je keje kat klinik bil.. tukang panggil panggil name..

Bil said...

nnt balik bil nak makan durian jugak. dkt secret recipe mesti ada durian cake. nak nak!!

Anonymous said...

bil dun so tense up
bil how to go to malang? can i jz go thr to visit u? hehehe...bored here.. bil when ur hols start?
miss u

Bil said...

aww lina darling~
arent u having exams also? bile holiday? balik msia tak?
nak dtg malang?! dtg laaaa! naik flight la ape lagi~ hmm.. lina, i miss u too!!

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