Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I swear I was studying. I was reading IPD notes on Rubella when I suddenly miss home so much... looking through the photos of my family, and I found these...

This is my little brother Naufal when he was 10.
Time flew by too quickly that he's now grown up to be a young tall and skinny 13 year old lad. He no more as cute as how he seems in this picture, but some girls his age must have think that he is. Cause now, Naufal has a girlfriend (a long distance relationship) with this girl named Natasha who lives in Shah Alam. Well, taktau la klau skrg Naufal dah tukar gf (he actually dumped his primary school sweetheart, Ima, for this Natasha girl! Ciss...!!).

This photo was taken in the year 2000.
My little brother, Naufal and little sisters Najat (left) and Nawal (right).
p/s: They are not twins!
OMG! they were that cute... weren't they?

I miss the old days when the house was full of whining, screaming, crying, shouting, laughing, fighting and toys scattered all over the place and my school books will have some stickers and doodles on (their misplaced creative artworks). Then our maid will have hard time chasing after them to feed them (especially when it was the stinky Scott's Emulsion time!).

Well Naufal, Nawal and Najat... Ude misses you guys!

p/s to Along : ayo donk~ kapan sih loe?! capek deh nungguin keponakan kuWw...

Dayana Nisbar: hari tu i nampak naufal dkt mamak bistro..
Dayana Nisbar: tinggi dah dia..
Dayana Nisbar: dia tak perasan i lah tapi..
Dayana Nisbar: i still remember him in those phua chu kang boots.


along.lawa said...

naufal kate sekarang dia single... bil patut jugak tulis, 'he doesnt like to wash his hair, what more to shampoo his own hair!'... tp kite still boleh cium dia!!!

sgt comel kan mase aye ngan nawal amek gambar tuh!!!!! tak tahaaaannn... sekarang? *sigh*

kak de... kite pon ingt naufal nye kasut pua chu kang color pink tuh!

Bil said...

single?! whoaa~ tgh naikkan saham ke? omg, bil balik nnt mmg akan shampookan rambut dia and tonyoh2 kepala diA!!!

bil ingat GILA that pua chu kang pink boots, ada gambar snoopy. It was Naqib's!!!
Bil ingat gila that time dkt singapore, mama & papa pegi shopping2, tok nah jaga kiteorg dkt mall tu, pastu naqib asyik usha boots tu je. then dia nangis2 nak beli. dah la boots pasar! color PINKKKKKK plak tu!!!!

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