Saturday, June 7, 2008

Customers' right - always

I hate to say this, something which I’ve been wishing I could say and now that it’s the time – Malang is getting more interesting than ever. Lol! Compared to when I first reached here, it was nothing less than how the scene was in the P.Ramlee movies. I mean, Malang was such a very conservative place I’ve ever been. So old fashioned! The buildings, signboards, people, malls and almost everything (except for the cars – they drive quite luxurious car I must say, tapi bukan la Lamborghini, Bentley Continental, Porsche, or anything like that).

Now, Malang has Mal Olimpik Garden a.k.a MOG! Though Subang Parade is better than MOG, but I thank god that at least there’s another place to shop besides Matos (yang setaraf Summit USJ). There’s Giant supermarket there!!! At least it’s cheaper, bigger, and more variety than Hypermart.

Do I always sound like I’m complaining much about Indonesia in my previous posts? Well, here’s another complain! There’s no such words as ‘organized’ and ‘systematic’ in most of their dictionaries. We went for lunch at this one restaurant. The futuristic design coated with calmness ambience was the main attraction of the restaurant. The menu raised us into salivations despite of the quite-ridiculous price.

Patiently waited to be served, we observed the customers around, they come and they go, yet our tables are still empty. Whattha??! “tolong panggilin manajernya ke sini!” the waitress seemed blurry, and said “ada apa yg bisa dibantu mbak?”, “ga, panggil aja manajernya, ada yg mau di ngomongin”. I started my engine, the fuel was about to burn, the accelerator was about to be pressed down. The manager came and I complain about the unfairness of their poor service. He apologized for their ineffectiveness, but I just couldn’t take his apology and asked him to come out with a different way of apologizing to us. Then our meals came with complimentary single-scooped ice creams for each of us.

Maybe it was just their luck to get to see my bitchy-ness of the day, the food came, but Siti’s Udon came with an extra ingredient inside – a little piece of paper inside!!! OMG! “Okay, Mr. manager, come and see this!!! Look!!”.

They seemed to get few chances to see my bitchy performance with my slutty words. Finally, it came to the bills. Siti and I was checking it to calculate our prices, then we realized that there was ‘Mee Sapi Teriyaki’, who the hell ordered that?! Jaya?? Jaya was suppose to have mee ayam teriyaki, not sapi. She’s a hindu for god’s sake and is forbidden to consume beef! So, where did this problem came from? The waitress? The chef? The counter? We called the waitress, asked her for the paper where she wrote our orders. She was confused, but we insisted! Lucky her, she wrote ‘ayam’ there. Then a different manager came, we told him about the receipt, was it a printing mistake, or they really did serve Jaya with Beef teriyaki? As bias as they can be, of course they said it was just a printing mistake.

At first when Jaya’s meal came, I really thought that the meat was beef. They looked like beef, dark and really beefy. So she asked the waitress if it was either beef or chicken, and the waitress said it was chicken. So, we just succumbed. Others thought that it was beef too actually, but as ravenous got into Jaya’s vein, she couldn’t care less about how the meat looked like – and so did us. The row between us and the management of the restaurant didn’t just end there, we insisted to differentiate between those two meats, to be firm, we asked them to bring some chicken meat and beef meat, so that we can confirmed back what we have just saw in Jaya’s bowl previously. I must say that they wore shoes on their heads – simply stupid… they brought us raw meats in two different bowls! Of course we can differentiate raw meats you idiots!!! Go and turned these two meats into teriyakis and show them to us!

In view of the fact that Jaya was in her lowest point of being sinful of eating beef and wanted to puked, we turned all these stupid mess off and leave the place… urgh!!!

Is it the Indonesian, or it's just because I'm in Indonesia??

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