Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello exam!

One paper done! Seven more to go! Obstetric and gynecology (or nama famousnya Obgyn) paper was a typical kinda set of questions.

Some are ridiculously easy;
e.g: how many phases are there during parturition?
A. 1, B. 2, C. 3, D. 4, E. 5
- of course the answer is D! like duh~

some are tricky;
e.g : The signs of puberty in female are as follows, except :
A. Body growth, B. Telarche, C. Pubarche, D. Menarche, E. Ovulation
- So, what the heck are those weird languages? Luckily, I’ve read some of the past years seniors’ notes and bumped into those alienated words. Telarche means something like the growth of breast, Pubarche is the growth of pubic hair and Menarche is period. Anyway, the answer is E!

And some****** up question;
e.g : arrgh, malas nak fikir!!!

Hundred of MCQs in 100 minutes can sometimes lead me to a state of restlessness, numbness and most of the time I’ll get nausea. This time, I was a bit laid back, sitting on the chair for 100 minutes, flexile my coli (a.k.a tunduk kepala) while my brain is working hard transmitting the neurotransmitters among million of my brain cells. My muscle tones got cranked up a little especially on my back around the scapula area, maybe a slight spasm on my trapezius muscle. Therefore I did some stretching up while sitting on the chair by extending most of the joints and de-flexing the cranked up muscles. Have you seen how the cats menggeliat? I was doing something like that, until… some of the clothing hooks came off (you guess!). Damn! it was terribly uncomfortable throughout the last 30 minutes before the exam ended! However, I thank god that I was sitting at the very last row, means that nobody was behind me to notice any changes in my attire (though the slight change was underneath the main clothing).

Today’s lesson: Do not do excessive stretching in the examination hall.

Regarding my experiment on insecticide for my thesis, I first need to get the mint leaves extracted into concentrated liquid. After blacking the circles on the OMR papers, I went to the pharmaco lab to see Ibu Vera. Seems like she’s my only hope to help me with the extract. Supposedly, she only accepts a 100 gram of dried and pulverized leaves to be extracted. But I don’t have grinder at home, so I gave her the un-grinded dried leaves. She weighed the leaves and it was only 35 grams!!!! Damn it!!! I bought 1 kg of fresh mint leaves, wasted 3 hours in 3 days plucking off the leaves, leave it to dry and at last, all I got is only 35 grams?! Where did the other 965 grams gone?!

However, the good news is, Ibu Vera can call up the herbs nursery in Batu and get me a 100grams of dried and pulverized mint leaves powder for only Rp 30 000. Phew~ but, I should have known about this earlier so that I won’t be wasting my time and money over the fresh leaves.

If the herbal nursery can send me the thing within 3 days, and Ibu Vera can extract it in the next 7 days, then it would be enough time for me to get the extract and start on my experiment before I go back for holiday. Oops, wait there, I need to make an appointment with Mas Budi, see if he can get me about one hundred of Culex (mosquitoes).

Bed is calling, I’m needing my daily evening nap before I can start crashing myself with the books tonight.


nana said...

bil!!! i jwb telarche...T.T sbb tatau pn ape kebendenye telarche..sbb xbc soalan senior la nih!

Bil said...

tp kan na.. ovulation tu bukan one of the sign of puberty ke? i pon confused~

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