Friday, July 31, 2009

He’s on andropause!

It's only 31st of the month. Not even the beginning of the month yet and he accused me of having a PMS! Oh wait, he said 'menopause' to be exact. That is so not funny alright! But I have to excuse him for never been into medic school.


These non-medic people always get it wrong when it comes to terms and applications!! And yet another reason to fume me up!

Gentlemen of the world, please note that PMS stands for PRE-menstrual syndrome which consist of bunch of symptoms that occur one or two weeks before the menstruation. You lads may think that you have hold of the list of symptoms, but remember that not all the symptoms are all the time PMS.

One may get mood swing, but it doesn't mean that she's on PMS. I know some guys who get irritated so easily, but never have I accused him of being under a PMS. Just because a female (of childbearing age) is on a mood swing, most men (usually) simply with a very littlest basic of gynecology knowledge accused her for being under a PMS. While when women of older age is on a mood swing, their diagnosed will then changed to menopause. How shallow that they only have that very little differential diagnoses for that one particular symptom!


Wake up O sons of Adam! Allah created complicated women as puzzles to be solved, only the earnest and decisive men will get through successfully. In spite of that, PMS is just a small piece of the jigsaw yet to be included but not to be seen as a whole picture.

Arrgh! I am not menopausing but it's YOU who are andropausing!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jaw-dropping scenery

Just got back from Elysia's wedding. Phew~

It was a heck of 8 hours nauseous journey back and forth. Actually, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Alhamdulillah I didn't get a bit of queasiness (but other passengers did). It was indeed an incredible road trip with postcards'-like panoramic sights outside the semi tinted window. The scenery is simply a jaw dropping, I might need a tremendous mandible fixing if I go down under the same road again. Then I realized that there are two kind of sceneries that can get me into an orgasmic state which are the beaches and the mountains.

Along the way to Madiun (Elysia's house), we passed by Batu, Kendiri, and some other places I can't quite recall their names. The first hour and a half was a staggering journey, the road was a long straight road by the parish where audacious mountains stood unfalteringly, with squares and terraces of paddy fields covering the horizontal line blanketing their unsullied greens and not to missed the river – gracefully flowing throughout the course. The sky was complimenting the scene of greens with it soft poised blue and cotton candy like fluffy white clouds. Subhanallah, simply charming!

However, the next half an hour journey started to get us all woozy as we passed by the twisted hillside road. I don't remember I've ever been to such undulating roads before as it was worse than the road up to Frasers Hill. We all got to take some pills then…

Back to the jaw-dropping journey, I am looking forward for the next trip of I-don't-know-when, but I really want to at least get out of the car and snap a whole lot of photos, and stay vacant at one of the tourist attraction lake there.

Oh right, I'm getting really sleepy and cold now. Til my next post. Good night!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank God it’s Malang!

Wow!!! Lama gila tak blog!

10 days to be exact! Well, what happened after the Tahu Telor night happened all so fast and left me with no spell to write.

Lets start with fresh news first.

Today, we (me and my housemates) just had a massive home clearout. Exactly one year after we moved in. I've been having this so-called 'spring cleaning' since the past 3 days. Started with the day I paint the back of my closet and bookshelves with white paint just hoping that it'll be easier to clean and lessen the tendency for moss to grow. That would be my ultimate room clean-out before I go back for holiday and thinking that I will no more have much leisure time for cleaning once I attend the busy hospital life.

Anyways, we baked our oh-so-deli-cious moist chocolate cake again and it turned out to be oh-so-super-b! and by that means I blew out my oh-I-need-to-diet program! Then Kerol a.k.a K.A came and gulfed half the cake off! Luckily we had 2 separate portions.

So, what has been happening lately for the past 10 days of blogless? Five of the days were filled with overjoyed! Perhaps one of my happiest day in Malang. I had an exhilarating visit from my hometown-come-schoolmates friends!!!

Aliana, Azri and Aizat @ Salad arrived Juanda Airport on the 19th and I brought them straight home after a late night dinner at Warung Subuh. After just an hour of rest, we were awaken by the phone call from our driver who was to drive us all the way up to Bromo. The journey to Bromo was longer than I thought since the driver was not very familiar with the new route as the usual route was closed that night.

Bromo was awesomely marvelous!
Subhanallah! In spite of my second time to Bromo since 3 years back, it didn't fail to astound me as I was still taken aback with its beauty, the scenery is just inimitable!

After Bromo, we head to Taman Safari, then got back home and went out dinner at the lesehan nearby the train station where we had a leisure night walk at Tugu. The next morning, my housemates made Nasi Lemak for breakfast. That was our first Nasi Lemak ever and it turned out so lusciously scrumptious!

Oh wait, I'm not going to write down exactly what was happening for the 5 days when my friends were here, however I must say that I'm glad they enjoyed it here and everything that Malang has to offer. For once, they make me feel so lucky to have brought to this place to enjoy my 5 years of study here, in this place called Malang despite of anything! Everything!

Then I know that I am blessed, to have friends like them to always chill me up, and that I am here to survive Malang of all the places in the world.

To Aliana, Azri and Salad, thank you so very super extra much for visiting!!! YOU MADE MY DAYS – really! Do come again please do come again, anytime! See you in a week then it's my time to indulge Subang Jaya!!! Miss you guys already...

I guess pictures would outmoded a superfluous stories than I have to write em up. So, do check out my FB photo albums, all four albums of 'They're Here'. Read up Kak Nad's blog for some story on my friends' visit to Malang!
P.s : we even met my favourite tahu telor bapak Triyono

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tahu Telur

At last, after more than a year of expecting, I finally got the much loved Tahu Telor Pak Triyono.

Did I ever tell you about this very tahu telor? First lets get to the definition, it is a food of course. Consist of tahu/tauhu/tofu which is chopped and fry, then later is mixed into a plain whipped egg and fry together (something like omelet). It is then served with or without lontong/nasi empit/ketupat and gravy made of ground nuts a.k.a kuah kacang. Some people add cucumber pickles and a sprinkle of chopped parsley and bean sprouts. So, tahu telor is accepted as a fine dinner everywhere here in Malang. I've tasted countless of tahu telor as it is one of my favorite chows, but nothing is compared to Pak Triyono's. His is the best!

Too bad he is only available in the Cikampek area where I used to reside before I moved to the hospital area. Since I have absolutely nothing to do this holiday, so I sms-ed Pak Triyono asking if he's on business this evening. After Maghrib, I took the almost-half-an-hour angkut ride to Cikampek just to get this tahu telor I longed for for more than a year now, and at the same time I got to visit mbah at our old house. So, tonight's dinner cost of extra Rp5000 and an hour journey.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too many to choose from!!!


Our Indovision now comes in variety of channels, a lot more! I mean it… like, OMG-so-many-which-one-to-watch??! *in an over-excited mode*

This morning while I was wandering my boring life alone in my room, I heard the girls were so shrilling in trill watching tally downstairs. Then I heard the tv channel kept on changing, I heard Hindustan music, Japanese show, Thailand music and all sort.

When I came down, OMG! Banyaknyaaa channel Indovision kita!! Even Astro back at home is not this good. Well, there are 3 kind of HBOs, HBO original, HBO signature, HBO family and I can't remember the other one. There are also selections of Channel V, from the normal one, to V India, V Taiwan, then there is MGM movie channel, Sony Entertainment TV, AXN and the AXN Beyond, National Geographic Adventure, Nat Geo Music, Fox Crime, Fox news, Nat Geo, Sci-fi, FX, Boomerang (Australia cartoon network), Biography channel (can you believe it that the channel only tells autobiography of people?), History Channel, aaaaa there is just too much to list them out! Cape deh~

There are 83 channels overall plus 18 radio channels. Banyak tak??? Best kan?!

But one thing that disappoint me is that, they don't have exercise channel. They should make one channel that construct aerobic, Pilates, or something like that. Then I won't be just called as potato couch and exercise my fingers on the remote control.

So, whoever wants to subscribe to Indovision, please contact me or my other housemates. There'll be special offer for family and friends.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hate to confess this guilt, but I am full, kenyang, and my tummy is bursting!

Thanks to Kak Zam for the very big dinner treat for… almost 40 of us! You are the best!!! And also thanks to Kak Zam's cute mom! OMG, she is really cute, with that petite yet plumpy figure, fair skin, chubby face and when she smiles her eyes shrink and she looks like a squirmy little girl, and when she talks, she really talk!

Back from the restaurant, then was another house party (Aww, they make me feel so much want to graduate a.s.a.p). Our neighbor (kak Keen, kak Eja & Kak Mimi) bought all sort of foodstuffs, two tubs of mixed flavor ice-creams, cookies, bread, tarts, chips, candy floss and (you can list down all the quick-n-fattening junks). Pheww~ murah betul rezeki malam ni, better jangan complaint gemok, coz ada banyak org yg tak mampu nak makan, kebuluran, kwashiorkor and marasmus. Yes, it is uglier to be kwashiorkor and marasmus rather than being fatter than normal.

Just this morning I went to the pasar with only ONE particular thing on my shopping list. I was urgently need to get some asam jawa cause it is believed to relief my sexy voice. My voice was at its critical stage yesterday when the vibration of my vocal ridge couldn't emit a sound at all. I always knew that asam jawa juice does work, my family believed in that since ages, it just that I never tried it. Only yesterday Kak Nuzul convinced me that made me rush to the market very early in the morning.

I came home from the market dragging some extra kilos in a plastic bag. I just cannot resist the tempe, so I bought some raw tempe, also a bunch of cabbage, a comb of bananas, one extra large papaya and two pieces of kuih which I never know what it was but it just smelled so good.

Guess I'm better off now. Gotta get up very early for my favourite Saturday aerobic class tomorrow. Nites~

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Again, its about the PPSMI.

First and foremost, I stand my point, I am with the PPSMI.

After compelling strains and pain that the governments, open-minded people and especially Dr.M had made to make the 'stupid' to realized the importance of PPSMI is seems to come to a disheartening end. BUT, this is not final yet until the time comes to prove that PPSMI is actually the right thing for everyone.

I have so much points to heartily agree with this program, though I do see some cons that comes along the way. Needless to cry, the cons are just for temporary, but we WILL see the great outcome as time passes by. I can bet on this. This is not a gamble for the future of our nation, but it's the vision of our dreams.

Last night, in my FB status, I posted my disappointment after reading The Star online on the government's agreement to evict the PPSMI in the year 2012. Somewhere in my unfathomable heart cried out loud while somewhere behind my mind is screaming in despair. If this really is happening, I see my own people jeopardizing their future, I see my country in a yawning dejection where people are living in a desolation of the globalization, we're then slogging our way out before we finally realized this mishap, but then it will be too late for anything.

I am not re-typing my ideas of standing up for this PPSMI again after a nerve-racking moment last night that lead me to a psychological diarrhea at 3 a.m. Nevertheless, I'm copying my ideas here of what I have said to my respondents as they were much in argument with me :

"when it comes to globalization its all about competing and (at the same time) to value ur tradition/country/mother tongue or whatsoever. but i dont see the importance of learning in our mother tongue can help us communicate and compete and thus survive the globalization and become success.

this aint about whos going to score better in pmr/spm and get scholarship from the government. this is about OUR future, u, me, the org asli, org kampung, org bandar, everyone!"


"im not degrading kampungians, i mean THOSE who thinks that learning s&m in BM is better is stupid then, even if org bandar think that way, than they r stupid too! but 1 of the reasons that the gov is re-considering about this matter is MAINLY bcoz of the org kampung/org asli/org hutan who have tOooO much trouble adapting to this new system. and bcoz of these troublesome ppl, then every school students in msia is affected and the long term effect is very depressing.

these troublesome ppl, they dont think of this long term effect, they just wish to get over with school and their spm and get scholar. if they get scholar to overseas then...? HAHAHA"


"if ur learning in the indon regular class, u'll see the difference. their english is embarassing and they dont have much confident to let out their brilliant ideas to the world tho they are super genius just bcoz their communication medium is too limited.

and they use references from limited bhs indon books which is much less than english references. whats important in this science and technology world is an effective COMMUNICATION. and i bet then they'll wish how the irish or the tibetian or the icelandic could understand bahasa MALAYSIA..."


"siapa yg nak dia dpt..

majority human ada perangai : dia nak, tp malas + kena paksa.

so our gov dah sgt berbaik hati to PAKSA all these youngsters to study S&M in english coz once they already master it, they'll have confidence to face the real world.rather than if they r really good in S&M (in bm), but they have very poor english, soon they'll have problem adapting. better adapt english dari kecik, drpd nnt dah besar, dah tua, baru terhegeh2 nak translate2, buang masa! dkt world conference nak bawak bilanguage dictionary ke? nak hire translator ke? MEMBAZIR!...

so again, siapa nak, dia dpt. but as proven, belajar dari usia awal itu adalah lebih baik..."


"for japanese, its not about the language that matters, its their attitude and kiasuness that brings them where they are now. ask the school pupil, they dint even complain much about this.

if these adults want to talk politics and jeopardizing the future of the kids, let me tell u, Dr.M's IQ is highest among the other PMs and Menteris we'v ever had. and his ruling era is proven to be the most success.

so? ikut la idea bijak dia!"


"utk budak2 skolah, sbnarnya takdelah besar sgt masalah ni. mcm kita suruh dia blaja geografi/sejarah/kh/muzik, dia taktau pun betapa pentingnya pelajaran tu, tp dia tetap blajar je and sentiasa berusaha utk nak dpt markah bagus. dia tak kesah pon!

sama la halnya kita suruh dia blaja S&M in english. dia pasti akan buat yg terbaik & pasti akan usaha utk fahamkan jugak! susah tak susah, dah kata belajar...

yg penting kementrian dah arrange kokurikulum yg COMFIRM akan bermanfaat utk hidup dorg sooner or later.

yg kecoh2 ni sbnarnya... tok nenek dorg yg sebok berpolitik, smua apa yg kerajaan nak buat, dia bantah!! menyampah!"


"apa buruknya blaja s&m in english? klau susah nak kuasai, BELAJAR LEBIH RAJIN, mcm ORANG JEPUN. org jepun mmg rajin & penuh semangat walau susah camne pon. panjat gunung pkai kimono pon boleh!

klau nak pertahankan martabat melayu, kite ada byk subjects lain yg dlm BM. s&m are just very small fraction of our live. klau betul nak smua murid skolah tak lupa budaya, buatlah subjek tarian melayu zapin, makyong, kuda kepang, wayang kulit & main gasing/congkak/batu seremban & nyanyi lagu2 melayu tradisional.

ni baru nak sruh blaja kira2 dlm english, dah terkencit!

isu ni suatu agenda yg digembar gemburkan hanya utk menjatuhkan kerajaan? pihak pembangkang mmg melakukan tugas membangkang dgn 'hampir' berkesan skali!

walaupun perkara yg dibangkangkan, saya anggap suatu yg merugikan dan mereka sgt bodoh dlm membuat keputusan yg hanya menguntungkan pihak mereka buat seketika ini, tanpa memikirkan masa depan negara."


"nway, knp isu ini ikut pendapat geng sastrawan & para 'genius' yg tak terlibat langsung dlm proses pembelajaran budak skolah?

dr penelitian nilai ujian pmr/spm ada peningkatan mendadak sejak PPSMI dan sentiasa meningkat. ini maknanya budak skolah sudah mula menguasai pelajaran ini sb mereka telah berusaha dgn EXTRA kuat sb pada awalnya mereka anggap susah, tp ternyata usaha gigih mereka berhasil....

jd dah ada 2 pencapaian 1) lebih menguasai s&m and 2) belajar utk jadi lebih rajin & gigih & tekun.

dr survey yg sahih yg pernah saya ternampak, majority student luar bandar ckp PPSMI susah, tp.. amazingly, nilai ujian mereka membaik. ini bererti kemampuan ssorg tu bukan tergantung dr apa yg mereka fikirkan sblum mrk tau kemampuan sbnarnya mereka. dan.. bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian, tak gitu?"


"oh, ada pulak hati nak ckp psl TECHNOLOGY.

if u want it to be all cultural & traditional, why must seek for techonology?

nak masak nasi, pakai je kayu api. rice cooker tu made in japan, instruction dlm english, tak paham nnt rosak pulak.. press the ON button - tekan butang atas? ntah butang mana nnt ditekannya, tak masak plak nasi tu nnt, kebulur satu family.

nak buat handphone buatan malaysia ke? mane la nak cari 'cara-cara membuat telifon bimbit', sampai 739 generasi alexander graham bell pon blom tentu dpt cari instruction yg dlm bahasa ibunda kita.

konon nak hantar pak cik X pegi germany, blajar buat krete sehebat merc benz, baru smp airport nak cari TANDAS pon tak jumpe, terlepas lah dia dkt situ.

last2, anak makcik K yg rajin baca kamus yg dpt byk kerja & jd org plg kaya, sb asyik keje mentranslatekan bhs bm ke english dkt congres2 international & inventor exhibition.."


"masa I dkt matriks bljr s&m in english, baru rasa thrill and that thrill is actually fun! sb kite dpt aplikasikan dlm kehidupan seharian, tgk CSI bole faham, surf dkt internet senang dpt..

s&m ni bukan subject sebarangan yg senang2 kite boleh suke hati datok nenek nak translate eng-bm-eng! TERMS tu yg penting.

example : harddrive - pandu keras?

softcopy - cetakan lembut?... Read More

tripod - tungku kaki tiga (sgt la kelakar! mcm air badak cap kaki tiga! haha)

capasitor - pemuat

resistor - perintang

reostat - penampang boleh laras (HAHAHA)

decelerate -menyahpecut (aww~ haha)

defecation - menyah tinjaan (tp sb kelakar sgt, tukar jadi defekasi)

pls la, KELAKAR okay nak translate2 camni.. ketawa lebih tak masuk ilmu

pastu nnt last2 english akan di bhsmelayunisasikan sb tanak bunyi kelakar sgt

exmple : ebullition - ebulisasi (padahal sama je taktau pon maknenya apa)

saponification - saponifikasi

titration - titrasi

sama je bljr english! lagi masuk akal!"


"and another thing.. as for me yg bljr medic in BI (bhs INDON), i missed to learn a lot of medical terms in english if i dont read english text book (e.g pembuluh darah - klau bodoh sgt nak direct translation boleh jadi 'blood bamboo' or 'buli-buli' which is suppose to mean 'urine vesicle' could be translated as BULLIES).

this is what i mean by TERMS yg tak boleh tawar menawar dgn bahasa, ada ke kamus sains dwi bahasa? klau ada, byk ke? murah ke? senang ke nak cari?

cuba klau nnt tersalah translate depan matsalleh2, habis la kite di ROFL/LOL/LMAO oleh mereka. habis malu seluruh bangsa & negara.... Read More

jd skrg mana nak di prioritykan? biar malu sebab bodoh bangang taktau english?

bukan saja dlm hal medik, tp sama juga hal nya utk subject science lain. harap maklum!"


"itu pendapat sastrawan negara, apa pulak pendapat scientist negara? no wonder malaysia byk sastrawan yg sgt hebat compared to scientist and mathematician...

those percentage only pictured the initial results of this program. takkan la nak expect high numbers kot! its LONG TERM we're talking about here..

NOW bahan belajar byk dlm english, all the references, specialist and world's most brilliant beyond brilliants are all in english. so we gotta learn by their way and not expecting them to teach us OUR way or even worse we as the not-as-smart to learn by our way, with our people in our own language. i dont see we're going anywhere!!...

If u'r debating this under the name of the SASTRAWANs, and poorly let ur mind be under influenced by these 'smart and brilliant' people which i think not as smart and brilliant after all coz they are instead putting their ideas so superior (coz they thot thy r sOoo smart&brilliant) than those world's proven geniuses.

malaysia is so much in denial.."


"and u guys saying that english teachers boleh balik kampung...

while i say, the org bodoh, org selfish and orang-yg-nak-everything-to-follow-their-way-n-their-style-n-their-culture-and-language... well u guys, can dig a hole, bury ur brain and keep ur heads under the world's feet or better said live a house of a coconut shell coz not even our neighbour the thailand people can understand what 'penampang boleh laras', 'tungku kaki tiga' and 'jangjang geometrik' are!

don't dream to be leader if nobody can understand u...

PPSMI is not only to make/force the youngsters to study in a hard way (coz konon2kan dorg kan rasa SUSSSAH sgt), but also to prepare them to be understood by the world so they are free to share ideas on this very super highspeed highway of on growing technology and globalization."


"as for nadia's idea..bukan english teachers yg kena blaja science and maths, but m&s teachers yg kena blajar englisH!!

which i think is not a problem bcoz there are redundant of s&m references in english which are wayyyyyy so much better and often updated than those in BM yg update ntah brp kali seabad.

u must think that i sound so much like degrading my own race and country, but instead i felt so pathetic of these poor people are not only helping themselves to survive, but they are actually REFUSING!! dah bodoh, nak sombong pulak.

For suhail, i know u read much of what the sastrawans have to say on repudiating this program, they are SASTRAWANs for god's sake! mesti la everything they said SOUND so good, smart, brilliant & influencing! tapi.. they are too much fictions and imagination and too judgemental too u know!"


These were my replies to all my negative correspondents. I do not include their replies as I found that their ideas are too selfish and unwise to be filled in my blog.

And here is what Dr.M our brilliant beyond the most brilliant former PM has to say : PPSMI

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From this snubbing mind

It has been five days since exam over and my life seems to perpetually jaded.

What is up nowadays? Nothing too stressful that comes to a consequence that steer my dancing fingers for blogging. If life is too dull then could it be that I will stop blogging?

*generating ideas*

So yesterday was quite a dreary day. Went to the bank to pay the Indovision bill, but both of the ATM machines outside the building had some problem connecting me to the payment service, and thus I had to queue in for the counter service. My queue number was 218, while the current number entertained was 160, in which means I had to wait for another 58 damn earlier customers before my turn. Byk gile orang dkt bank tadi okay?! Mostly students yg nak bayar fees, and mostly papua ppl.

Then… oh yea, mama called to inform me that she just got back from sending Wawa to her first day of college. Since she got scholar from JPA, she couldn't expect much of a cool college but KTT in Serdang. Aww… so sad, that place is so boring! But whatta heck, she is sponsored alrite!

Another sad story is that

Nawal was prohibited to join her cheerleading team for the Cheer 2009 Competition due to her injured leg (I'm not sure what happen exactly). I thought it was just a simple splint or something, but the fact that she was injured during her practice and got barred from joining the squad was such a heartbroken. Blame Angah for making this story more dramatic, though I can imagine how 'cool' exactly Nawal was. It was sad, like really sad to know that the whole team was so enthusiastic and that she already got her costume. But, takpe la Nawal, u still have another 4 years to do that pom-pom thing!

Then… the question that has been long waited in these 23 years is finally answered. In 1986, 4 babies were born in our family named Bil, Aya, Min & Apit. Since then, our excited aunties started their 'prediction' on whose going to be the prettiest, the smartest, the angelic, the devilish, whose going get her period first, who is first to get married and etc. I guess 23 years is enough to answer it all, and one who always fills in the blank is this one particular cousin of mine. So, you're getting married? congratulations!

Alrite now, time to get ready for TOEFL this. Good Luck to me!

L-R : Aya, Apit, Bil & Min

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another day to DIE for – seriously!

Good morning Malang!

Can't believe I woke up so early this morning that when I caught the clock on the wall, it wasn't even 6:15am yet! How early hell was I awake then?

This is so frustrating because I am awake for a total nothing in the list. No class, no appointments, no datelines, no work, no exam and no countdown til home (since I'm going back in another one month with an uncertain anticipation of anything that could be happening in between).

Why must exam be over? Now I just have nothing to worry about, nothing to stress on, nothing to think off a.k.a life is empty & i'm BORED...

The fake TOEFL test is tomorrow. It is quite frustrating because it's just a test and we won't be getting the cert just because we don't pay the full amount. We can't even pay the full amount, they just don't organized the real TOEFL for us. And this test is for nothing except as one of the many qualifications for us to enter our clinical year. How very much important is that??!
*sarcasm mode*

Oh and I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and the Indovision disengaged, I mean, they cut off our tally because we haven't paid this month's bills. Come on, it's only 7th of the month! Kecoh arrr!

Okay la, I'm off, going to pasar now! (wahh 'bestnyaaa' pegi pasar time boring2 camni).

Saturday, July 4, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4 – Hi-5!

Since exam is over, my fingers are getting a road to nowhere unintended clicks that convey me to different sites of the cyber world. I am not stalking on people, take it as visiting. As I tumbled upon my sisters' blogs and check out their wishlist, I realized a similarity in all 3 of us. We all wished to be apart of the Hi-5 casts (or members or whatever you call them).

Call me silly, but being one of the Hi-5 hosts is one of my biggest dream too! I mean, this is a different side of my dreams besides wishing to be one of the PCDs or The Saturdays. Probably, none of you can even name any of the Hi-5 members nor even heard them. I don't care of fame you know… it's just about the fun of singing, dancing and educating the children to be imaginative.

So, Wawa and Nawal, I think we better start forming our own Malaysian version of Hi-5. Then we gonna call out another two gentlemen to join, which one of them is our own brother! One more room available, anyone???

Friday, July 3, 2009

Exams over

Exams overYay!

Now what??

I seem to have quite a long pause thinking if this could be real. Honestly, I'm not in the mood for anything and I have absolutely nothing in mind. Going through my to-do list and scamming something 'fun' to carry out for at least this afternoon is to avail. Nothing seems fun to crack this 'shell to freedom' that is still encapsulating my mind.

First I think I should get rid of all these hmm… what do you call that again? Books? Notes? Yea, I gotta rearrange and keep these books, notes & co. away. At least out of my sight for few days, please!
Gosh, this is crazy!
My room is in a total disastrous stampede come tsunami kinda aftermath. Lets see what I are currently around me right now, hmm…

on my desk there are :
an empty Nescafe can at the corner
colored pens, markers and highlighters scattered everywhere
used, scribbled and crumpled loose papers
2 bottles of Johnson's baby lotion positioned upside down, one in my pencil holder and one is leaning against it
Yoko-yoko, minyak cap kapak, Vicks and hydrocortisone cream (this is so like my upon reach first aid kit)
Paper rings at the other corner of my empty pencil tray (as the colored pens are scattered all over)
6 stacks of different colored post-it notes (four are nicely piled together, 2 are trapped in the aftermath)
Hair twizzer (don't ask!)
Used tissues (hmm.. 4 pieces of dried off hingus)
Purple rubber coaster with about 30 dead ants on and around it (there is a coffee ring on it that attract the ants, then I took the insect spray and sprayed them to death)
An unzipped oversized pink flurry pencil case
Stack of papers (I'm not even sure what papers are those) below my notebook which is under a dictionary in which has my daily organizer on top of it
2 slim stacks of lecture handouts
Dead handphone (should have put it to charge)
Puffy butterfly wrist rest (for typing purpose)
This laptop and a mouse (and I don't use mousepad)
Speakers (yea)

And on the floor I have (something that should not be on there) :
Half full crackers container (my instant energy source)
Printer not in the right position
Stack and stack of papers
One very thick text book
Printer wire
2 plastic files overfed with papers of lecturer notes
Harrods black sling back (with another stack of papers and books and so many other stuff inside)
One Aqua half full water bottle and one empty bottle is rolling itself under my bed
Sigg water bottle under my study desk
My flip flop (pair-off, the right one near the pilates ball and the left one is out of sight)
Maestro copy center paper bag with some unimportant stuff inside
Oh yeaa, and there is a line of dead ants on the floor near my bookshelf. I believe they were making a conga before I sprayed them to death. Hahaha!

And on my bed (besides all the normal things) are one pile of notes and 2 used tissue of hingus kering! (and you say 'Eeeuwh!')

Well, I should get all these exam-week-aftermath's mess tidy up A.S.A.P (but sure not N.O.W).

Oh, I almost forgot, I actually have to sleep! Not a typical evening nap, but I mean sleep! Arrgh, I'm so mad at myself that I had less than 4 hour sleep last night studying the surgery paper that ended up tricking me to death this morning!!!

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