Friday, July 31, 2009

He’s on andropause!

It's only 31st of the month. Not even the beginning of the month yet and he accused me of having a PMS! Oh wait, he said 'menopause' to be exact. That is so not funny alright! But I have to excuse him for never been into medic school.


These non-medic people always get it wrong when it comes to terms and applications!! And yet another reason to fume me up!

Gentlemen of the world, please note that PMS stands for PRE-menstrual syndrome which consist of bunch of symptoms that occur one or two weeks before the menstruation. You lads may think that you have hold of the list of symptoms, but remember that not all the symptoms are all the time PMS.

One may get mood swing, but it doesn't mean that she's on PMS. I know some guys who get irritated so easily, but never have I accused him of being under a PMS. Just because a female (of childbearing age) is on a mood swing, most men (usually) simply with a very littlest basic of gynecology knowledge accused her for being under a PMS. While when women of older age is on a mood swing, their diagnosed will then changed to menopause. How shallow that they only have that very little differential diagnoses for that one particular symptom!


Wake up O sons of Adam! Allah created complicated women as puzzles to be solved, only the earnest and decisive men will get through successfully. In spite of that, PMS is just a small piece of the jigsaw yet to be included but not to be seen as a whole picture.

Arrgh! I am not menopausing but it's YOU who are andropausing!

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