Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jaw-dropping scenery

Just got back from Elysia's wedding. Phew~

It was a heck of 8 hours nauseous journey back and forth. Actually, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Alhamdulillah I didn't get a bit of queasiness (but other passengers did). It was indeed an incredible road trip with postcards'-like panoramic sights outside the semi tinted window. The scenery is simply a jaw dropping, I might need a tremendous mandible fixing if I go down under the same road again. Then I realized that there are two kind of sceneries that can get me into an orgasmic state which are the beaches and the mountains.

Along the way to Madiun (Elysia's house), we passed by Batu, Kendiri, and some other places I can't quite recall their names. The first hour and a half was a staggering journey, the road was a long straight road by the parish where audacious mountains stood unfalteringly, with squares and terraces of paddy fields covering the horizontal line blanketing their unsullied greens and not to missed the river – gracefully flowing throughout the course. The sky was complimenting the scene of greens with it soft poised blue and cotton candy like fluffy white clouds. Subhanallah, simply charming!

However, the next half an hour journey started to get us all woozy as we passed by the twisted hillside road. I don't remember I've ever been to such undulating roads before as it was worse than the road up to Frasers Hill. We all got to take some pills then…

Back to the jaw-dropping journey, I am looking forward for the next trip of I-don't-know-when, but I really want to at least get out of the car and snap a whole lot of photos, and stay vacant at one of the tourist attraction lake there.

Oh right, I'm getting really sleepy and cold now. Til my next post. Good night!

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