Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From this snubbing mind

It has been five days since exam over and my life seems to perpetually jaded.

What is up nowadays? Nothing too stressful that comes to a consequence that steer my dancing fingers for blogging. If life is too dull then could it be that I will stop blogging?

*generating ideas*

So yesterday was quite a dreary day. Went to the bank to pay the Indovision bill, but both of the ATM machines outside the building had some problem connecting me to the payment service, and thus I had to queue in for the counter service. My queue number was 218, while the current number entertained was 160, in which means I had to wait for another 58 damn earlier customers before my turn. Byk gile orang dkt bank tadi okay?! Mostly students yg nak bayar fees, and mostly papua ppl.

Then… oh yea, mama called to inform me that she just got back from sending Wawa to her first day of college. Since she got scholar from JPA, she couldn't expect much of a cool college but KTT in Serdang. Aww… so sad, that place is so boring! But whatta heck, she is sponsored alrite!

Another sad story is that

Nawal was prohibited to join her cheerleading team for the Cheer 2009 Competition due to her injured leg (I'm not sure what happen exactly). I thought it was just a simple splint or something, but the fact that she was injured during her practice and got barred from joining the squad was such a heartbroken. Blame Angah for making this story more dramatic, though I can imagine how 'cool' exactly Nawal was. It was sad, like really sad to know that the whole team was so enthusiastic and that she already got her costume. But, takpe la Nawal, u still have another 4 years to do that pom-pom thing!

Then… the question that has been long waited in these 23 years is finally answered. In 1986, 4 babies were born in our family named Bil, Aya, Min & Apit. Since then, our excited aunties started their 'prediction' on whose going to be the prettiest, the smartest, the angelic, the devilish, whose going get her period first, who is first to get married and etc. I guess 23 years is enough to answer it all, and one who always fills in the blank is this one particular cousin of mine. So, you're getting married? congratulations!

Alrite now, time to get ready for TOEFL this. Good Luck to me!

L-R : Aya, Apit, Bil & Min


Anonymous said...


Along.The.Way said...

wawa is in SEPANG not SERDANG!

gambar korang 4 org tuh mcm berhantu. tgk muke Min, dari kecik lagi dia dah tak geng ngan korang. yg ujung mata bulat tuh plak, mmg terbukti gatal forever... sygnye blom de syed jual kitab yg masuk meminang lagi...

Bil said...

omg! really! dah la ade gap!
kiteorg tiga dok himpit2, tp min mcm tengok kiteorg 'Apehal la budak2 ni?"

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