Monday, July 13, 2009

Too many to choose from!!!


Our Indovision now comes in variety of channels, a lot more! I mean it… like, OMG-so-many-which-one-to-watch??! *in an over-excited mode*

This morning while I was wandering my boring life alone in my room, I heard the girls were so shrilling in trill watching tally downstairs. Then I heard the tv channel kept on changing, I heard Hindustan music, Japanese show, Thailand music and all sort.

When I came down, OMG! Banyaknyaaa channel Indovision kita!! Even Astro back at home is not this good. Well, there are 3 kind of HBOs, HBO original, HBO signature, HBO family and I can't remember the other one. There are also selections of Channel V, from the normal one, to V India, V Taiwan, then there is MGM movie channel, Sony Entertainment TV, AXN and the AXN Beyond, National Geographic Adventure, Nat Geo Music, Fox Crime, Fox news, Nat Geo, Sci-fi, FX, Boomerang (Australia cartoon network), Biography channel (can you believe it that the channel only tells autobiography of people?), History Channel, aaaaa there is just too much to list them out! Cape deh~

There are 83 channels overall plus 18 radio channels. Banyak tak??? Best kan?!

But one thing that disappoint me is that, they don't have exercise channel. They should make one channel that construct aerobic, Pilates, or something like that. Then I won't be just called as potato couch and exercise my fingers on the remote control.

So, whoever wants to subscribe to Indovision, please contact me or my other housemates. There'll be special offer for family and friends.


Nadine Mazbar said...

Dear what package do you guys subscribe to ? I feel like changing the channel package. Life without MTV and E! nowadays is killing me haha LOL ;P

Looks like I have to drag my butt to the new Malang Indovision office to change that aiiyoo hehehehe ;p

Bil said...

i dunno what package.. last time we didnt have the movie package, but ada E! and all the entertainment channels..

but only yesterday tibe2 byk gile channels!
i think they're having promotion or something.. u should call the person.

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