Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank God it’s Malang!

Wow!!! Lama gila tak blog!

10 days to be exact! Well, what happened after the Tahu Telor night happened all so fast and left me with no spell to write.

Lets start with fresh news first.

Today, we (me and my housemates) just had a massive home clearout. Exactly one year after we moved in. I've been having this so-called 'spring cleaning' since the past 3 days. Started with the day I paint the back of my closet and bookshelves with white paint just hoping that it'll be easier to clean and lessen the tendency for moss to grow. That would be my ultimate room clean-out before I go back for holiday and thinking that I will no more have much leisure time for cleaning once I attend the busy hospital life.

Anyways, we baked our oh-so-deli-cious moist chocolate cake again and it turned out to be oh-so-super-b! and by that means I blew out my oh-I-need-to-diet program! Then Kerol a.k.a K.A came and gulfed half the cake off! Luckily we had 2 separate portions.

So, what has been happening lately for the past 10 days of blogless? Five of the days were filled with overjoyed! Perhaps one of my happiest day in Malang. I had an exhilarating visit from my hometown-come-schoolmates friends!!!

Aliana, Azri and Aizat @ Salad arrived Juanda Airport on the 19th and I brought them straight home after a late night dinner at Warung Subuh. After just an hour of rest, we were awaken by the phone call from our driver who was to drive us all the way up to Bromo. The journey to Bromo was longer than I thought since the driver was not very familiar with the new route as the usual route was closed that night.

Bromo was awesomely marvelous!
Subhanallah! In spite of my second time to Bromo since 3 years back, it didn't fail to astound me as I was still taken aback with its beauty, the scenery is just inimitable!

After Bromo, we head to Taman Safari, then got back home and went out dinner at the lesehan nearby the train station where we had a leisure night walk at Tugu. The next morning, my housemates made Nasi Lemak for breakfast. That was our first Nasi Lemak ever and it turned out so lusciously scrumptious!

Oh wait, I'm not going to write down exactly what was happening for the 5 days when my friends were here, however I must say that I'm glad they enjoyed it here and everything that Malang has to offer. For once, they make me feel so lucky to have brought to this place to enjoy my 5 years of study here, in this place called Malang despite of anything! Everything!

Then I know that I am blessed, to have friends like them to always chill me up, and that I am here to survive Malang of all the places in the world.

To Aliana, Azri and Salad, thank you so very super extra much for visiting!!! YOU MADE MY DAYS – really! Do come again please do come again, anytime! See you in a week then it's my time to indulge Subang Jaya!!! Miss you guys already...

I guess pictures would outmoded a superfluous stories than I have to write em up. So, do check out my FB photo albums, all four albums of 'They're Here'. Read up Kak Nad's blog for some story on my friends' visit to Malang!
P.s : we even met my favourite tahu telor bapak Triyono


Nadine Mazbar said...

Hey hey how's the spring cleaning day ? Hoped it's been done well. YEay I'm happy too joining you guys and I had fun ! Thank you again yea ! ;D MmUaxx !!!

Bil said...

it was such nice moments right?!

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