Monday, July 6, 2009

Another day to DIE for – seriously!

Good morning Malang!

Can't believe I woke up so early this morning that when I caught the clock on the wall, it wasn't even 6:15am yet! How early hell was I awake then?

This is so frustrating because I am awake for a total nothing in the list. No class, no appointments, no datelines, no work, no exam and no countdown til home (since I'm going back in another one month with an uncertain anticipation of anything that could be happening in between).

Why must exam be over? Now I just have nothing to worry about, nothing to stress on, nothing to think off a.k.a life is empty & i'm BORED...

The fake TOEFL test is tomorrow. It is quite frustrating because it's just a test and we won't be getting the cert just because we don't pay the full amount. We can't even pay the full amount, they just don't organized the real TOEFL for us. And this test is for nothing except as one of the many qualifications for us to enter our clinical year. How very much important is that??!
*sarcasm mode*

Oh and I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and the Indovision disengaged, I mean, they cut off our tally because we haven't paid this month's bills. Come on, it's only 7th of the month! Kecoh arrr!

Okay la, I'm off, going to pasar now! (wahh 'bestnyaaa' pegi pasar time boring2 camni).

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