Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hate to confess this guilt, but I am full, kenyang, and my tummy is bursting!

Thanks to Kak Zam for the very big dinner treat for… almost 40 of us! You are the best!!! And also thanks to Kak Zam's cute mom! OMG, she is really cute, with that petite yet plumpy figure, fair skin, chubby face and when she smiles her eyes shrink and she looks like a squirmy little girl, and when she talks, she really talk!

Back from the restaurant, then was another house party (Aww, they make me feel so much want to graduate a.s.a.p). Our neighbor (kak Keen, kak Eja & Kak Mimi) bought all sort of foodstuffs, two tubs of mixed flavor ice-creams, cookies, bread, tarts, chips, candy floss and (you can list down all the quick-n-fattening junks). Pheww~ murah betul rezeki malam ni, better jangan complaint gemok, coz ada banyak org yg tak mampu nak makan, kebuluran, kwashiorkor and marasmus. Yes, it is uglier to be kwashiorkor and marasmus rather than being fatter than normal.

Just this morning I went to the pasar with only ONE particular thing on my shopping list. I was urgently need to get some asam jawa cause it is believed to relief my sexy voice. My voice was at its critical stage yesterday when the vibration of my vocal ridge couldn't emit a sound at all. I always knew that asam jawa juice does work, my family believed in that since ages, it just that I never tried it. Only yesterday Kak Nuzul convinced me that made me rush to the market very early in the morning.

I came home from the market dragging some extra kilos in a plastic bag. I just cannot resist the tempe, so I bought some raw tempe, also a bunch of cabbage, a comb of bananas, one extra large papaya and two pieces of kuih which I never know what it was but it just smelled so good.

Guess I'm better off now. Gotta get up very early for my favourite Saturday aerobic class tomorrow. Nites~


FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg makan kenduri kat blog gua.
Folo baca doa skali pun takpa..

Bil said...

gua klau bab makan boleh je! tp klau tak kenyang memang dgn lu skali gua tibai arr..!

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