Friday, July 3, 2009

Exams over

Exams overYay!

Now what??

I seem to have quite a long pause thinking if this could be real. Honestly, I'm not in the mood for anything and I have absolutely nothing in mind. Going through my to-do list and scamming something 'fun' to carry out for at least this afternoon is to avail. Nothing seems fun to crack this 'shell to freedom' that is still encapsulating my mind.

First I think I should get rid of all these hmm… what do you call that again? Books? Notes? Yea, I gotta rearrange and keep these books, notes & co. away. At least out of my sight for few days, please!
Gosh, this is crazy!
My room is in a total disastrous stampede come tsunami kinda aftermath. Lets see what I are currently around me right now, hmm…

on my desk there are :
an empty Nescafe can at the corner
colored pens, markers and highlighters scattered everywhere
used, scribbled and crumpled loose papers
2 bottles of Johnson's baby lotion positioned upside down, one in my pencil holder and one is leaning against it
Yoko-yoko, minyak cap kapak, Vicks and hydrocortisone cream (this is so like my upon reach first aid kit)
Paper rings at the other corner of my empty pencil tray (as the colored pens are scattered all over)
6 stacks of different colored post-it notes (four are nicely piled together, 2 are trapped in the aftermath)
Hair twizzer (don't ask!)
Used tissues (hmm.. 4 pieces of dried off hingus)
Purple rubber coaster with about 30 dead ants on and around it (there is a coffee ring on it that attract the ants, then I took the insect spray and sprayed them to death)
An unzipped oversized pink flurry pencil case
Stack of papers (I'm not even sure what papers are those) below my notebook which is under a dictionary in which has my daily organizer on top of it
2 slim stacks of lecture handouts
Dead handphone (should have put it to charge)
Puffy butterfly wrist rest (for typing purpose)
This laptop and a mouse (and I don't use mousepad)
Speakers (yea)

And on the floor I have (something that should not be on there) :
Half full crackers container (my instant energy source)
Printer not in the right position
Stack and stack of papers
One very thick text book
Printer wire
2 plastic files overfed with papers of lecturer notes
Harrods black sling back (with another stack of papers and books and so many other stuff inside)
One Aqua half full water bottle and one empty bottle is rolling itself under my bed
Sigg water bottle under my study desk
My flip flop (pair-off, the right one near the pilates ball and the left one is out of sight)
Maestro copy center paper bag with some unimportant stuff inside
Oh yeaa, and there is a line of dead ants on the floor near my bookshelf. I believe they were making a conga before I sprayed them to death. Hahaha!

And on my bed (besides all the normal things) are one pile of notes and 2 used tissue of hingus kering! (and you say 'Eeeuwh!')

Well, I should get all these exam-week-aftermath's mess tidy up A.S.A.P (but sure not N.O.W).

Oh, I almost forgot, I actually have to sleep! Not a typical evening nap, but I mean sleep! Arrgh, I'm so mad at myself that I had less than 4 hour sleep last night studying the surgery paper that ended up tricking me to death this morning!!!


Corey said...

yay!! jom berfoya-foya!!

Bil said...

Lets!!! hahaha bro, whats up?

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