Saturday, July 4, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4 – Hi-5!

Since exam is over, my fingers are getting a road to nowhere unintended clicks that convey me to different sites of the cyber world. I am not stalking on people, take it as visiting. As I tumbled upon my sisters' blogs and check out their wishlist, I realized a similarity in all 3 of us. We all wished to be apart of the Hi-5 casts (or members or whatever you call them).

Call me silly, but being one of the Hi-5 hosts is one of my biggest dream too! I mean, this is a different side of my dreams besides wishing to be one of the PCDs or The Saturdays. Probably, none of you can even name any of the Hi-5 members nor even heard them. I don't care of fame you know… it's just about the fun of singing, dancing and educating the children to be imaginative.

So, Wawa and Nawal, I think we better start forming our own Malaysian version of Hi-5. Then we gonna call out another two gentlemen to join, which one of them is our own brother! One more room available, anyone???


Nadine Mazbar said...

Yeay I've watched several Hi-5 episodes on NTV7 back then (I think somewhere my college years?) , they're fun and colourful ! ;D Ey you, see you on Sunday , don't forget to text or tweet me the time ;) MMuAXXX !!!

Bil said...

tomorrow it is!! yayyy!!
but im afraid only both of us coz kusha and the 06 r still having exam next week.

yayy!! lets shred this fats off!

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