Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tahu Telur

At last, after more than a year of expecting, I finally got the much loved Tahu Telor Pak Triyono.

Did I ever tell you about this very tahu telor? First lets get to the definition, it is a food of course. Consist of tahu/tauhu/tofu which is chopped and fry, then later is mixed into a plain whipped egg and fry together (something like omelet). It is then served with or without lontong/nasi empit/ketupat and gravy made of ground nuts a.k.a kuah kacang. Some people add cucumber pickles and a sprinkle of chopped parsley and bean sprouts. So, tahu telor is accepted as a fine dinner everywhere here in Malang. I've tasted countless of tahu telor as it is one of my favorite chows, but nothing is compared to Pak Triyono's. His is the best!

Too bad he is only available in the Cikampek area where I used to reside before I moved to the hospital area. Since I have absolutely nothing to do this holiday, so I sms-ed Pak Triyono asking if he's on business this evening. After Maghrib, I took the almost-half-an-hour angkut ride to Cikampek just to get this tahu telor I longed for for more than a year now, and at the same time I got to visit mbah at our old house. So, tonight's dinner cost of extra Rp5000 and an hour journey.


qishie said...

waaa...rajinnye ke cikampek just to hv tauhu telo...heee

Shakrinal Aldree said...

its been quite some time since i passed through here and you're talking about food! now my tummy is making bitchy sounds and its all ur fault. so where is this cikampek and Pak triyono. macam jauh je (hampa kerana harapan tipis untuk dapat drive ke lokasi.)

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