Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year's Eve

Management of hypertension, by Dr Djanggan Sargowo – I don't know if I'm choosing the right topic to study tonight. I don't know it'd help…

It's new year's eve, typical evening that comes once in a year. The sky is still dark, the moon still shines and allow me to say that it's nothing different from any other evening. At least I can say that because all these while my evening is spent under this roof, within these walls. Unless if I'm back (to where I belong) then I'll be surrounded by friends and we're sure on moving machines. There'll be variety kind of evening I could choose from, all packages include fun. To my dearest sister, Angah, lets party once we both get back home!!! And to Along, please throw us some party…

I was quite looking forward to spent the evening with Nadine and celebrate new year together, as we both are now 'abandoned girlfriends on a far away land'. Nevertheless, I did not get a word from her until late this evening after I've made up my mind to just have my ordinary evening at home (plus a bit of stressing with books). Alia wanted to wind up and I wish I could enjoy the night with her too. But too bad my mood of new year had been flushed off when the stack of notes came before my eyes. To dearest Kasthuri, there'll always be next time. Xoxo! Furthermore, I knew tonight would be just fine just staying with the girls and have a quiet evening at home. Kak Dayah is here and the house is always cheerful when she comes, and not forgotten our tummy will be fulfilled too with scrumptious food she cooks!

Hmm… guess I better back to the notes. Management of hypertension – well~

Oh btw, Happy New Year!

2009, you better be good to me!

p.s : starting this entry, I'll change the font of my post cause normal size font is pretty big and looks like the writing on school books.

One A M

Yay, its 1 a.m!!! finally, phew phew~

I promised myself to stay up a little bit late tonight, later than the usual 'late'. The usual bedtime is before 11pm, and the usual late is 12am. Now 1 a.m is considered later than late! Yay, I stayed up!!! The main idea was actually to study, yeah I mean, reading and understanding. On the other hand, I was all aiming for the 1a.m without much considering the quality of study… maybe my aim was wrong. Maybe tomorrow I should go aiming on 'completing a chapter, or a handout', or something which is more beneficial. Yea indeed, tomorrow then~

Disgracing myself, I must admit that I cheated the time. I had a few minutes nap before the clock turned 1… is this all I waited for? 1 a.m and go online to blog?

I didn't get out of the house the whole day today! I feel so fat. It has been days since I water my plant (rose-less rose tree) and I would not be going to the gym anytime this week. The gym is closing for four days for the New Year. So, I'll be so fat. Supposedly, I shifted my Saturday schedule to yesterday morning, and I totally forgot about it since I was much in hassle for the meeting. I could in fact reschedule my program to tomorrow morning, but we'll have another meeting. Oh damn, this club is fattening me up!

Ibu Leny of miraculous hands came this morning. She made me indulged myself into a miraculous voyage of hassle-free. The whole body massage was marvel! Just on time as I needed it the most. I remembered once I was in a freaking menstrual pain that I couldn't even lift my ass off the bed and worsen by an acute homesick attack, Ibu Leny came with her wonder touch to alleviate the torture I was in within the 3 hours of top-to-toe massage. There was also times when I had full-blown-aired head and washing-machine-like-stomach, she was there sent by God, to heal (without analgesics!!) Anyone interested to get a body massage from Ibu Leny? I am her official agent. hehe

Okay now, I realllllly need to get my beauty sleep now. This hour creeps me out! Especially when I found this article on msn – scares Goosebumps out of me : Michelle Williams' Heath visit

P.S: Zana, if you're reading this, are you still awake? I dengar bunyi kaki you stomped mcm stampede jalan dkt tangga… please tell me it's you.

p.s again : knp ayam sebelah rumah berkokok??? is he seeing things? Damn! i hate this...

this station was on operation for extra hour today... (if only I got O.T pay)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Punctuation mark (!)

It was a long winded day though it had been ongoing since quite early in the morning. The highest council board meeting of KUMNOMA was held at my house from 9am to about 2pm. Apparently, we were discussing on reconstructing the whole committee and naming out candidates to be appointed into the new board. Since the previous Kelab UMNO committee was a total bizarre and an absolute pain in the ass to the whole of Malaysian in Malang, therefore we, as the new high council had to consider about introducing new faces (and some of the most helpful and useful old committees) into the board as well. It was all about revitalized the name of KUMNOMA which had been tainted by some of the big-headed-red-assed culprits (forgive me if I sound rude to whoever in concern, but I just gotta show you the mirror to yourselves).

As we are very pleased with the honor of being voted to lever the club (thank you for those who voted us), nonetheless are VERY (in bold and capital letters) disappointed with the brutality of a very unkindness of the previous committee who left us not only with the stenches name of the club (acknowledge as the most appalling branch throughout the whole Kelab UMNO in Indonesia), but also with an account which is in debt! I mean, DEBT (in bold, capital letters and red, coz red is anger!). Practically, we are here not starting on the ground zero, but we are tossed down in the hole they've dug us. Not only that we have to scrub and clean off the name, but we also have to struggle our asses off to pay their debts!!! Who on Earth would easily forgive that? It affects 111 members!

All I can do now is to pray hard for Allah to grant us the bravest of heart to go through this torment and anguish heart of agony, and hoping that whoever the big-headed-red-assed men would be forgiven for their heartlessness, and being showed the right direction through their lives ahead. Amin!~

My question mark now has changed into an exclamation mark! (!) a lot of em (!!....!!!!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi Nawal!

This is time when I have to blog. So this so-called urgent post is mainly about my sister. Which sister? Guess need to specify that since I have 5 of them! (the title tells).

I was blog hopping, finding some bedtime stories or perhaps some hot gossips online (its 11:40am, 20 minutes to bed). Then I came through this comment on my blog from my sister (another sister), trekking through her comment, I found a blog which I never thought that it'd belong to any of my sisters.

Going through it… then I realized that "Oh my, she's a grown up! I mean, SO grown up!!"

Going thirteen, into her teenage world, she's now on her highest growing rate – the steepest part on a female growing chart. If she had to be referred to a doctor, pediatrician would not be the best choice anymore, gyne perhaps… (harking back the flabbergasted moment early last month when I got an sms about her getting her first period, heheheee).

Apparently her blog is the blog of a so-typically-teenage girl's mind, the junior highschool kinda girl. I kinda miss mine though, if I knew I could blog back then I'd write stories of my life. High school was the bestest chapter in my whole life!!! It was the craziest life rollercoaster ride with parents as my steadfast safety belt (where there were times when I felt like putting off the belt too and jump off the cart *blushing*).

Anyway, Nawal, ude loves your writing, especially your 'About Me'. It's so true on how you express yourself. So, we'll be blogging buddies! Nanti ude balik we can go for a lot of piercing and ice skating and shopping too!! and you can follow me and Zac Efron, oops I mean, Zuff Pattison to go jalan2~ :P

(content has been removed by author)

Oh my god, I'm such a stalker!!! No no no… I'm not stalking my own sister, instead I visited her blog and make it loud and clear. I'm not that kinda person who hide things from my own family. Instead, papa and mama know me best, inside and out. They are the coolest parents on the planet!

Okay, the clock strikes 12, and this princess needs her beauty sleep… toddles and good night!

Sisters (Nawal in blue)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Question Mark

I woke up this morning seeing question marks floating everywhere in the air. And I am still figuring it out, why question marks?! (?)

I online this morning seeing condolences from a colleague which indirectly meant for me. And there's another one who happily inhaling and exhaling the breeze of freedom, and I… left in an uncertainty, presuming that all these hold the answer to my question mark. All this has got to do with yesterday's episode. That's for sure.

Yesterday, started as early 5am. After Subuh, we rushed to the gym, and as usual, exercising has always given me a big contentment and lots of happiness. I feel like walking in the air. For the fifth time, I visited the market. Bought variety kind of veges cause they looked so yummy! Cabbage, carrot, some other leafy vegetables and not forgotten a bunch of retarded bean sprouts! There were only about a handful of bean sprout but since they were so retarded (short and a lot) that it took me almost half an hour to tickle off their asses.

For once after so many days, I cooked lunch (whoaA big deal). Cooking is not my favourite chore, it is more hassle than pleasure. I mean, how many hours do you take to clean cut the meats and fish, to chop the onions, wash the vege and wait til it cooked compared to how many seconds you'd take to gobble it all up? After all the long work, everything is done in your tummy just like that? And not forgotten… you'll have the kitchen and dishes to do *sigh*
and by the end of the day, you'll get shrunken fingers, weariness, and a big fat tummy. So, why cook? (first and minor question mark)

I couldn't stand holding myself for my Saturday Saloon Day. So I rushed to the saloon for a hairspa with head & shoulder massage and a little hairdo for the UMNO annual general meeting. It was suppose to be for the annual dinner, but the hair didn't stay long…

Kelab UMNO Luar Negara Cawangan Malang? Annual general meeting? Oh, so here the question mark is all about.

Til my next post…

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Something is just around the corner…

The warmth of examination has started slithering its grasp through my nerves. I don't usually do this (I mean, the countdown to exam), but its 9 days to finals!

Is that all I can say?

Blending about the busyness of SPR and AGM, the warmth heats up a little more quickly than its normal speed. Time which was snail-ing down now seems to fly by promptly too that the clock seems to make a crazy turn over and over, and this is just so weird. I mean, this is the moment when I 'actually' wished that I have more hours in a day in Malang, I don't mean that I love spending times here, but… well this is just the typical pre-exam predicament I reckon.

The amendment of my perception of the internet being the 'most-lovable item' to the 'most-hatred' happened when I came to a realization that it's the culprit whose speeding up my clock. I am so much welcoming tips on turning study into something 'so-lovable', anyone?

I was facing quite big fuss this evening even before I started. I took out the whole 15cm pile of not-yet-read lecture handouts, and trying to decide where to start. Then I remember, my calculus lecturer in college once said that it's better to start studying for subject with the latest date of exam, and she told the reason why from this one theory-of-unknown that I still haven't found its evidence though it does work for me. However I didn't feel like reading for pediatric, so I made a random choice and I came to Surgery on the topic Spinal Cord and Root Compression. Since there is not much words to read, mostly pictures, I finished that in less than an hour. Then again I came to the 'confusion of choosing what to read', and finally I found myself Facebooking instead of facing the books. Oh Bil…~

Tomorrow is suppose to be the Saturday Saloon Day, but with all the hassles of UMNO thingy, I'd have to consider about bringing it to the next day, but I badly need a hairspa and head & shoulder massage! Oh yea, almost forgot that I've to go to gym at 5.30am!!!

Shuz came down to Malang all the way from Medan, she's still here. We went for an ice cream and ended up at my place before she went back to the hotel. Of all the places in Malang, she chose to stay in the hotel instead of my place?! Actually the hotel was reserved by her boyfriend even before she reached here, however though, I insist her to stay over and she is coming over in few days. Yayyy!!! Nak buat Eman jealous~

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That thing you sip

Jelly drinksWhat the heck are they thinking making such noxious drinks and claim that the drinks are healthy (hell boo-shit!), refreshing (it makes dehydration even worse!) and fulfilling (haaa ya rite!)

I neither gonna state the name of the drinks nor the brands. There are actually whole heaps of this kinda drinks that come with variety of flavors from different manufacturers. Not forgotten, the whole lot promising advertisements too! This is so pathetic!!! I think the government has to do something, ban this drinks from the markets. I swear, on my first sip, I taste of TOXIC and its contaminating my blood circulation with all the deadly ingredients.

I may sound exaggerating here, but come on, I don't even think that 'thing' is suitable to be consumed, it rather be some kinda bomb or paint or a plaything that comes with the hazardous sign. And it doesn't even taste nice!!! Astaghfirullahalazim~


Monday, December 22, 2008


It was a few second after I sent a message to Zuffy asking his whereabouts. When suddenly miracle happened…

I can't help but to blog about this!!! MMMbop is in the air!!! For once in a blue moon Fly Fm turned that on air!!!! Ah-ma-gad!!! Ya Allah, ya Allah bestnyaaaa!!!

It was a true Kodak moment, except that it happened for approximately 4 minutes throughout the whole song. The moment the intro got into my ears, it rapidly registered to my brain and the nostalgia drained off my memory box and if I could picture how the 'drained' was, it was some kind of a red hot love burst from my head like volcano eruption but it erupts heart-shaped confetti and glitters and all that sweet petals. My heart beats rapidly, all sweet memories of being 'The Biggest, The Ultimate, The Die-hard fan of Hanson' abruptly mixed up with my elevated blood pressure, the feeling… is just too inevitable.

When it comes to Hanson, my body turns weird, it works mysteriously.

I'm having a tachycardia, I am just too excited, I'm speechless… and for that few minutes, my mind was Zuffy-free. Heheheeee

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

To a man of a hearty heart

Especially dedicated to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,

To a man of a hearty heart,
Who takes on every start,
Who runs with all his might,
To serve on everyone's right.

To a mind of astute and rational,
Who thinks of every logical,
With risk but not trouble,
And makes everything possible.

To a man of a human touch,
Standing true on every judge,
Stray off defeated by lurch,
Burn himself to be everyone's torch.

To an eye of a father and son,
Who gives us dreams to hound,
That every plan is to be done,
And success comes with joyous and fun.

A man of a great eminence,
Assuring vision with full of confidence,
His success is the evidence,
2020 is sure a completion

22 years served with glory,
Makes every dream a reality,
Races come to live in harmony
Making Malaysia so homie.

With full of gratitude,
Allah blesses you and all of us.

Che Det, you rock!!!


On my wobbly knees

Phew~ that was one drop-almost-dead movement towards the end of my aerobic session. I've gotta practice that so-called calming in serenity 5 minutes of knee bending and hands 90 degree straight to the front. Thanks to today's instructor for turning on the sound of tranquility but I was jolted when she said that we have to stay in that position for 5 minutes! It was sort of yoga thing, and need a lot of positivity

"Damn, nak tercabut lutut!!!"

I couldn't do it continuously though most of the people there managed to. Despite of their flabbiness (half of the class are women at their late 40s), they did stay for the knee-loosing-tights-cramping perfectly for 5 minutes, amazingly! So so so… by the next session, I will have to make sure that I can stay at least for 2 minutes. Oh my, I'm only 22, with all these firm and fit body, I HAVE TO GOTTA DO IT! It's all fix in my head! Positivity!!!

Overall, I prefer today's instructor. She's amazing (though I certainly have better body than her), her steps were sharper, more vigorous, more sweaty and most importantly she is not the 'syok sendiri' kinda woman. She even came to me personally when I got a little bit off-beat with my legs!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Spot the not

This entry is inspired by Idiey. Since I have no idea whom to make comparison, so I thought I just check out my collection and this is what I managed to get.

Can you spot the not??


To whoever involves in these serial pictures, I think you guys are just so cute! *wiNk*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What’s this smell?

My handphone got petis-ed!!!

'Petis' is an edible brown oowy goowy thingy which is some kind of dip for fry foods. I'm not sure what it's made of, but it certainly tastes good when you dip your fry food into it. It doesn't usually smell that bad when it's already in the mouth, but when it stays on its own… the smell is malodorous!

Since the smell stuck on my handphone and is irritating my olfactory, I had to spray some perfume on. Here goes my handphone with the smell of Sean John, Unforgivable Woman. *sniff* this phone smells so elegance and it reminds me much of Zuffy (who got me this perfume and we have pair of it). My handphone was once accidentaly drenched in Dior, J'adore. So practically this is one such handphone which needs to be perfumed!

Talking about smelly foods (I mean, food that has particular awkwardness smell to certain people), I must add into my blessings that I am able to deal with these kinda foul food and thus indulge into the exclusive taste of these heavenly cuisines.

Who says cheese has foul smell?
I think the aroma stirs my salivary gland!

Who says mutton stench?
Perhaps that fortifying smell revives hunger men.

Awww so yummy!!! And when you got your whole guts full of durians and that some air need to be squirted out, the burp emerges with extra reeking scent of genial pleasure.

Monday, December 15, 2008


1.How old are you?
22 going to be 23 in 46 days!

2. Are you single?

3. In what age do you think you'll get married?
Around 27-30. whenever the jodoh comes...

4. Do you think you'll be marrying the person you are with now??
InsyaAllah… (I wish! I wish!)

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
Taylor Hanson

6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
BEACH of course!!! I LOOOOVE beaches beyond anything else. And there'll be parasailing, water-ski, surfing, limbo rock, beach volley (?), well anything!

7. Your ideal motif?
Sand, sun and fun!

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
Hawaii. Another beachy place! And tour around erope, maybe backpacking! Adventurous skit…

9. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
Hmm… A lot!

10. Do you want the traditional vows or something you'd make up on your own??
If I have the time to make something… not that important though.

11. How many layers of cake do you want to have?
Sky high!

12. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
BEACH laaa

13. When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
Evening, before sunset. And party at night

14. You'd rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
I said on a natural beach! Of course its outdoor!

15. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom/bride?
YES! Maybe we'll sail down on parasailing in my gown, or… speed up on a hoverboat! Or… rise up from a submarine!!

16. Name the song/tune you'd like played at your wedding??
Lucky – Jason Myraz and Colbie Caillat, Baby Love – Nicole scherzinger, You're still the one – Shania twain, how do I live – trisha yearwood, Love Song – Sara Bareilles, I will come to you – hanson, you're beautiful – james blunt, most of Hanson songs, and most of the High school musical soundtrack! (well… Zuff Efron and Nabilah Hudgens, remember??! So shut up!)

17. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning maybe… so? What does this has to do with my wedding?

18. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
WHO the hell would want a solemn ceremony? I'd prefer light, easy, and lotsa fun!

19. What age do you want to get married?
Told ya already~

20. Describe your ideal husband/wife.
So u really want me to list down his criteria aren't u? here u go…
Beriman,healthy (fertile!), hygienic, not smoking nor drinking
Honest, understanding, supportive, trustworthy, loving, caring, brave, modest, comforting, uplifting, calm, polite
highly motivated,
hardworking, responsible, smart, intelligence,
know how to have fun, fun to be with, easy to talk to, easy to work with,
charming, hot & drop-dead gorgeous, stylish, love shopping but money savvy, poised,
and the list goes on, but most important of all, we share the same dreams together.

21. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
Coconut drinks, BBQ and fruits.

22. champagne or red wine?
Coconut drink, and sirap bandung + ice cream soda (so typically Johorean)

23. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
Right after! Buatpe nak tunggu2??

24. Money or household item?
High quality household items.

25. Who will pay for the bills?
whoever have the money or whoever wish to have hot showers in the bathroom and lights on at night (that would be both of us)

26. Are you ready for married life?
Uhmm… no. I need money and skills.

27. Do u think you will still be a virgin until u get married?

28. Will u always be true to your wife/husband?
InsyaAllah, so far so good.

29. How many kids do u like?
As many as possible! I mean, a lot!

30. A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
New would be nice…

31. Will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
Kalau panjang umur, boleh smp diamond anniversary, aminnn…

32. What kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?
told ya! Coconut drinks, BBQ stuffs and lotsa fruits!

33. Will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
YES I'd love to.

34. Whose wedding plans would you like to know next?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

FAT facts

Phew~ I finally write another entry this week. It's been days since I last blogged. Nothing much happened around here, really. I mean, nothing fun to blog about. Frankly, no big gossips. Nothing is happening to be noted, except that it has been raining like nobody's business (of course it is no one's business, it's just rain! God made it!) And this kinda rainy atmosphere is thus very passive! I beg my pardon, very passive! The sedentary chillin' weather made it perfect for snuggling in bed and I dug myself for the countless of times into the deepest edge of my blanket. This room is as if air conditioned, albeit energy-less.

No heat, no burning, no sweats, no electrifying senses – and I feel so fat.

I know, I know… some of you guys must have think that I'm exaggerating about the 'Fat Phenomenon', but it's happening, really! Let me tell you about fats (and hows it feel to have a lot of it) from my point of view… (I am on chronic first stage, recovering from multiple of other stages, and hopefully to move on to second stage soon) read on – The Fat Phenomenon.

Firstly, you'll have the 'Fat Feelings'. This is when your worrisome is on an accelerating mode. It's an imaginary fat growing experience you imagine happening to your body, which is not just an imagination, but it is actually happening – but invisibly, like micro tiny particles growing that can't be seen by naked eyes. But I swear, really, it is happening right there under your skin and you just feel it!

Secondly, you'll have the 'OMG, I am So-Pig-Fat'. This is where your worrisome is at its climax. Not just an imagination anymore, but physically proven! Your favourite jeans is glued to your thighs, the zipper is getting harder to fasten, the bras and shirts all suddenly seemed to shrink and that toilet scale (or what you called weight scale) is your most fierce equipment! So practically, you'll try your very best to reverse the fats grow with massive exercising, invest on slimming program, and strict diet seems to be a fad… If this stage is proglonged with much concern on the health, it's a good sign! Jessica Alba will envy you!

Thirdly, there are two chances. You'll either be the 'Aww… I am fat (though I know that I am twiggy thin)' or you'll be 'Oh So-what'.

'Aww… I am fat (though I know that I am twiggy thin)' is just an annoying expression, psychologically disturbed and that you are seeking for attention. Waiting to hear from people around you to tell you that "Holy sh**, you're slimming!" and you'll go like "Aww… I am fat! Can't you see this flabby fats everywhere?" (when you can only see bones), this kind of people, all they need is penampar sebijik! This is however a critical stage following the pathetic success of second stage. If this stage is becoming a habitual, 'patient' may fall into a point of anorexic.

Meanwhile, 'Oh So-what' is either the result of the least successful of second stage or the absence of the first stage. You may feel like fat is your fate that no matter how hard you try to lose the weight but it's to no vain. Or otherwise, you just never go through to this whole Fat Phenomenon! You were either born with rocketing high metabolism rate, or you were born with very high self-esteem that you're happy just being you! However, for those who thinks that 'fat is my fate, and so what?', you might want to consider about some medical check-ups, just in case…

So, for those who are undergoing the Fat Phenomenon, in what stage are you in, and which stage are you heading?


2008 is coming to an end. I'm thinking weather if I should make some New Year resolutions. It never did worked before, I never worked on it before, and I wonder if I ever had New Year resolutions before… btw, I bought Gogirl magazine this evening and it comes with a free statement shirt that maybe is saying out loud my New Year resolution.

Honestly, I have some distinctive goals to be achieved by the time I graduated (which is in less than 3 years from now), and one of it is to stump down my body weight to the minimal weight as when I arrived here more than 3 years ago. I am half way through it, but this weight is like on a sickening see-saw ride. Currently I am 6 kgs above goal. So all I need to do now is… (as stated on this shirt).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Need indeed…

Need more rest

Need more sleep

Need more drugs

Need papa and mama

Need Zuffy

Need to go for lecture tomorrow


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eid Adha Eve

I am currently on a chase over my nose which is running quite fast on a drooling track of mucous and slime.

I think I'm overusing metaphors or in this case above is what you called 'personification', remember your highschool literature? So let me put this straight forward and untie the complex knot (oh there I go again with another metaphor) – I am having flu, cold, almost-fever, sore throat, respiratory tract infection and so. This has been bugging me for three days now and not getting any better. The flu is improving with Triprolidine Hcl and Psudoephedrine (given by Dr. Nuzul), Loratadine (given by Dr. Sit), and paracetamol (bought from home from Dr. Papa), nevertheless the fatigue and weakness are still there, right here. Maybe it's the perception of illness by my brain that keeps me weak… maybe! And so I know, I have to be strong to go through all these ailing and healing process, otherwise I'll be celebrating Raya Haji a.k.a Eid Adha on bed. No no, I've to go and see my goat got slaughtered and eat all the muttons, beef and nasi briyani at the UMNO open house tomorrow.

I had scrumptious beef curry and cabbage for lunch today (Kim's curry is the best!!). Kim is cooking the curry for tomorrow's openhouse, so practically we have to go and help her preparing the ingredients. All I did was, peeling off the bunch of potatoes til fingers got shrink. So, if anyone see any potatoes and tomatoes in the curry tomorrow, do thank me!
To everybody,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!
It is my forth time celebration Raya Haji in this so-called land. This is what you call Hari Raya KORBAN. And all I can feel is… numb.

Jaded in infirmity

Yesterday perhaps was a long day… thus the weary has worsen my condition (I am sick remember?)

Started at 530am; walked all the way to the gym which is located quite far actually… (I wouldn't have walked if I have a car – duh!). The aerobic session was good, the studio is acceptable but I think the constructor was rather 'syok sendiri'. I miss the free aerobic session at the Rector's field every Tuesday and Friday morning *sigh*. By the way, the one and a half hour session was not as exhausted as what described by Jaya (as she had to quit a half an hour before it ended), thus it wasn't all so-worn-out, it was just fine and fun.

Right after the gym, I hit the market. Yes, I mean the wet stinking market (notice it without the word 'super').

That would be my fourth visit of the year, since four years back. This is the year with the most visits to the market. I remember the last time I went to the market years back, four years back to be exact (back in my hometown), where there was this Indian prawn monger teased me because I held the plastic bag on the tip of my fingers (sbb geli okayyy?) and he annoyingly told me something like

"pegang betol2 la, ini macam!" while handling me the loop of the plastic handle

I stunned for a moment while my shaky hand reluctantly took the plastic bag and actually grabbed it full-forcedly.

"oh okay, relax la. Jangan marah…"

I thought to myself while making my way out of the market with extra careful on my steps (lantai pasar licin tau) while flight of indefinit thoughts snap about my furious mind, it was a nut case! Suke hati la nak pegang plastic tu mcm mane pon!

I went into the car and told papa about the incident. He laughed so hard and made it a joke! *eye rolling* Aware of my contaminated and stinky hands, I hold it back til we reached home and I washed them thoroughly til the so-called smell got off. As time flew by, I found that after all pasar isn't as bad as it sounds despite of the very disgusting condition (of the pasar in this so-called land) compared to pasar besar SJ back home. I will be a frequent visitor to the pasar and I will know how to cook very well by the time I graduated. I'll get double-degree (MD and cooking). And so I grow up… *wink wink*

Nuff of the pasar thingy. Once back from pasar, I found the kitchen somehow very disturbing, the refrigerator, the food compartments, the floor, the dish holder, the stove and everything. Without a second thought, I took out everything from the fridge and started to clean up the kitchen on every corner of it! Til it gets shiny clean on each and every angle *grin*. I wonder if the others see the kitchen as 'disturbing' as it was to my eyes…

Oh yea, and maybe that exhaustion even worsen my condition (I am sick remember?), however it didn't matter that much as long as I live in a clean condition. Actually I've planned to do some gardening and clean up the cat's poo on our corridor, and also I've planned to clean up the bathroom, but too bad, I take risk no more and not jeopardizing my health. Maybe if anyone else sees the 'disturbing' matter as how my eyes see it, they'll do the same thing too, to scrub and make the house spotless, yea… IF.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gift A Kid

(Blog entry especially dedicate to Naufal, Nawal and Najat)

Remember during your school days, what actually makes you eager to go back to school after a long break?
And so you say,

To meet up with friends?

Determine to find love – since you claimed that you're just in the right age to fall in love with some lads/chicks at school (that you've got a new hair-do, clean-cut face, new body cutting from the holiday-crash-diet you went through)?

Or maybe you have a new resolution to study harder and strike higher – be the teachers' pet perhaps?

Oh, whatever the reason is, school must go on. And preparation has to be made – mentally, physically and yeah… materially.

For some of you I may know didn't have much problem in preparing the 'material' part. Thought that 'material' part was a major role in back-to-school preparation, it however was the least to think of and the first to be prepared (by your rich parents of course). Just named it, details on the brand, the design, and every aspect you could think of, make a list of 'My wish list for school' and everything will be there before your eyes, just in a snap of fingers!

What if that material portion of school preparation was not being fulfilled? Washed-out uniforms, no new shoes, no trendy schoolbags, old worn-out pencil case, clogged mechanical pencil, used eraser, unruly ruler and etc and etc – would you be all fervent up the morning and excited about going to school?

Little did we know how the bits and pieces of school gears had actually lifted out our spirit to go to school and thus to study. And little did we realize how the least fortunate kids do without it. Do their school spirits start at a lower level albeit of having less? Nobody knows… but if that materialistic elements were some kind of our spirit lifting components, why not we try to help those in need prepare for their schools? I am sure they'll love it and definitely will boost up their spirits too!

Details on : Project Gift A Kid

Project Gift a Kid

What is it?
"Gift a Kid" is a project by the Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur (RACKL), supported by the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP). Its aim is to enrich the educational experience of 100 underprivileged children in the Klang Valley.

We hope to achieve this by:

  • Providing back-to-school material - books, stationery, uniforms etc - for the 2009 school year, to 100 underprivileged kids, aged between six and 15 years.
  • Encouraging leadership and confidence by conducting interactive sessions and educational trips.
  • Allowing kids to be kids by organising "fun" trips. The first of these is a movie outing (possibly on Dec 19), the tickets to which are sponsored by United International Pictures. (See 'How am I helping by blogging?' below to know more)

Who benefits? Why, children of course, but to be more specific, children from the following organisations:

  • Rumah WAKE 1: A home for HIV+ children and their affected siblings under the Pertubuhan Wanita dan Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur)
  • Sekolah Rendah Jenis (Tamil) Cheras: Many of the children from this school come from the surrounding low-cost flats and squatter areas. Most of them can't afford school uniforms, let alone school fees.

How do I go about sponsoring a kid? Here's what you'll have to do:

  1. Print out the Sponsorship Form, then fill in your details.
  2. Together with the sponsored sum, return the form(s) to us between Dec 15 and 18, at the following address:

    Star Publications (M) Bhd
    Menara Star
    Phileo Damansara II
    15 Jalan 16/11
    46350, Petaling Jaya

For enquiries, or to get a form (if you can't find a printer), you can get in touch with Michael A. Fredericks (019-2184 307) from the AMBP, or Kavita (016-259 3818), Anu (016-254 6995) or Sumitra (012-246 9109) from the Rotaract Club KL (email:

All payments can be made via cash or cheque written to "ROTARACT CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR", and handed to the people listed above.

Brought to you by:

"See those kids??"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pagi yang cerah

Saya rasa seperti mahu menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Sebab… sebab saya Orang Melayu! (tolong lah jangan mempersoalkan ke-Melayu-an saya yang sudah jelas ni) Related entry : "Enjoy studying"

Jadi, selama ini saya menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris adakah bererti saya seorang yang berbangsa Inggeris? Oh tak. Tak mungkin pun. Kalau saya cakap saya ada kacukan Inggeris pun orang takkan percaya. Mungkin minda saya yang dijajah Inggeris, sebab Malaysia pernah dijajah Inggeris suatu ketika dulu, walaupun masa itu saya belum dilahirkan. Saya tak tau kenapa saya jadi orang Melayu, sedangkan datuk nenek moyang saya berasal dari kepulauan Jawa, ada yang berasal dari kepulauan Sumatera dan ada juga yang berasal dari bangsa Bugis (ada sesiapa lagi yang saya ter-miss out??). Dari mana datangnya Melayu saya ini pun saya kurang pasti. Adakah saya dari keturunan Orang Asli? Jakun? Kuala? Macam tak je… walauapa pun keturunan saya, saya tetap berbangga dengan asal usul saya, kerana saya yakin mereka adalah dari kalangan manusia yang berakal bijak, pintar, cerdas serta berbudi pekerti mulia – seperti saya!

Membuang air besar adalah suatu perkara yang besar bagi saya. Ye lah, namanya juga buang air besar. Anda akan lebih menghargai proses ini anda jika anda di dalam situasi saya. Jangan fikir bukan-bukan, saya tidak konstipasi maupun buasir. Saya disahkan normal oleh Dr. Choo. Frekuensi buang air besar saya juga mengikut ke'normal'an diri saya dan konsistensi tinja saya juga normal. Tetapi, saya amat menghargai proses penyahtinjaan. Begitu taksubnya saya menghargai proses ini, sehingga saya terhalang dari menghadirkan diri ke diskusi farmakologi 8 pagi tadi (walaupun sebenarnya saya sudah bersiap dari pukul 5.30 pagi).

Akhir-akhir ini, saya rasakan seperti penyebaran neurotransmitter di otak saya berjalan dengan kadar kecepatan yang rendah. Ini terbukti sewaktu saya mengadakan presentasi IKM (Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat a.l.d.s (atau lebih dikenali sebagai) Public Health). Saya didesak oleh rakan-rakan sekumpulan untuk mempresentasikan bahagian saya dengan cepat tanpa elaborasi yang panjang lebar kerana kami telah kesuntukan masa. Jadi untuk tidak mengelaborasikan apa yang dipresentasikan di slide, saya rasa cukup sekadar saya me-'refer' kepada hujah-hujah yang telah dibentangkan oleh kawan-kawan saya yang sebelumnya. Saya merasa agak gementar semasa presentasi berjalan dengan posisi saya berdiri di hadapan kelas, perasaan gementar itu timbul buat julung kalinya (mungkin sebab saya memang jarang berperasaan yang aneh-aneh). Semasa hendak me-'refer' kepada salah seorang ahli kumpulan kami, saya tiba-tiba terlupa nama dia. Sama sekali lupa! Supaya tidak ada 'pause' yang begitu panjang, dengan spontannya saya bertanyakan kepada dia

"What's your name again?" dan dia menjawab "Haykal".

Beberapa milidetik kemudian, kedengaran riuh rendah dari audience dengan ketawa-ketawa kecil dari beberapa penjuru ruang kuliah. Huh, sampai begitu sekali kelembapan otak saya pagi tadi! Adakah kapasiti memori saya menurun? Atau cuma kecepatan berfikir saya yang berkurang? Atau mungkin juga kerana saya dalam keadaan gementar?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleep and such

The second exploration to find the perfect concentration of mint extract that has the potential to kill mosquitoes happened this evening – accidentally. I was planning to continue my thesis project after the midterm exam, however impediments came in my way. At first, the lab was fully booked, and when it comes to my turn, the lab janitor (who is also the assistant of our parasitology lab assistant a.k.a Mas Budi) fell sick and was diagnosed hemorrhagic fever. Kesian… Nonetheless, everything suddenly seemed fine now and I got an sms from Mas Budi this evening saying that the lab is all mine now. He also had trapped few mosquitoes and offer if I would like to do my 'thing' today.

"Oh yes! I'm coming!!!"

Although it was a worn-out whole day class 7am – 2pm, I still can't resist his offer since I've been waiting for this opportunity for weeks before now!! So there was me, in the lab with the mosquitoes. Actually there were also Dimas and Abg Bakri doing their experiment when I arrived.

Snapping on the calendar, I must say that finals are just about a month from now. I see bundles of notes to study. Gotta start as soon as possible. But how possibly that 'soon' can be? I am much exhausted going through this whole day, and should get some sleep. I believe that sleep is beauty, intelligence and health. The more I sleep, the prettier I become, and smarter and healthier!!! Even if nobody ever realized that, at least I can feel it myself. Maybe if I sleep my whole life through, I'll wake up and become a beauty pageant. Lol!! (berangan!!!)

Good night!
Sleep tight!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not much of a November

The halt of November is hardly felt before the December abruptly slips in.

It has been the most enjoyable month in Indonesia since I-don't-know-when. In spite of sparing the first 5 days with much load of brainpower assessment a.k.a the examination, the next 35 days were hardly felt, it flew by just like say 35 minutes?

Classes had been on and off schedule like usual and little concern of replacing em. None of us care that really-much I reckon… therefore, the accumulation of much-tensed extra classes definitely will be replaced by this month before the final exams. I can smell the nasty sweaty December now~

So yesterday was the final day of this Sweet November. I woke up nearly 9am (which is early to call it Sunday Morning), and had this tummy filled with loads of leftovers from the PKPMI Annual Dinner. Thank God for such astute idea of bringing tupperwares to the dinner! Basically we took home lotsa murtabak, satay and nasi briyani after the dinner, as well as bundle of serviette, pens and notepads from the Annual General Meeting the morning before. After Zohor, I went to Alun-alun with Kak Nuzul with not much anticipation of anything but just for the sake of filling in the time and purged off her sudden attack of homesickness. We got the so-long-for ironing board and dragging it over everywhere we go. Not all of my housemates found that the ironing board is necessary as they're expert in squawking down the floor while handling the hot plate. As for me, I can't do that (unless it's really an emergency) simply because the hot iron seems potentially traumatic and the un-ergonomist position is back stinging. Since I moved here, I wore clothes with folding lines to class and it makes me miss mbah so much. Kak Nuzul and I, therefore dedicate this ironing board to all our housemates, for the love of our vertebras and we definitely have to look curvy hot til we grow old, okay? Don't hesitate, not only that our clothes need to be upright smoothly straight, our body deserved it too! Girls, check this out – Body Beautiful. I've watched HSM 3 last night. No elaboration on that since the DVD is such a good pain in the S.

This year's PKPMI Annual Grand Dinner is so far the most fun, successful and extravagance I've ever been to my entire years of being here. As one of the members of the board of directors, critics and controversies came wavering us like mini tsunami (I repeat, mini tsunami) during the Annual General Meeting held the afternoon before the dinner. However, as firm as our determination in making Malang much more a fun place than ever to all the Malaysian students, we much welcome those slaps and strikes from other members who might have the opposite ideas, as we consider that those people secretly believe that they're angry that they themselves didn't have the courage to do what we did. Or better off, they don't gain trust from the other members to handle their lives in this so-called land. Or even if they did, maybe it wasn't as effective and enjoyable. Too bad that they have to hate us for the merriment they 'refused' they had. Too bad… *shed tears*

To all AJK PKPMI 2007-2008, well done! So far this has been the best team I've ever worked with. Trust me, I have been on the board since my first year here. Being voted as the vice chairperson for 2008-2009 session is my honor, thank you.

I bet most of the Novembers had been put down into words except for the Jogja trip. Hahaha! That 3rd Jogja trip was fun, but never can beat the fun of Bale Kambang camping.

p/s : This is my blog and I'm free to write. I definitely have no concern on whoevers' feelings here. On the contrary, I have small column for whoever feels like commenting. But if you have your own things to write, I must recommend you to get your own blog! Deal?

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy birthday mama!!!
Hugs and kisses XOXO

Once I published my first ever bahasa melayu entry, I got few feedbacks on my YM the day after. Some are encouraging and rally round on my vocabs (as some words are off-translations) and not to mention, few of them even found that one particular entry rather as a joke.

Well folks,
I don't do jokes. Maybe I am just born-hilarious *giggles*.

Honestly, I have next-to-great Bahasa Melayu, I converse in BM in my everyday life and certainly know the right grammar though sometimes I might get loss in translation with the vocabs (and though sometimes some people might hear it a bit funny but don't know where to pin-out the mistakes).

As for me, I found it less sentiment writing in BM as the mode of reactions is not fully expressed in a single vocab. For instance 'restless' in BM would be 'tak senang duduk' and it doesn't sound so literature-ly professional. No wonder Dewan Bahasa is now adapting few of wide-ranging rational English words into their Bahasa Melayunisasi program. As for example 'budget' for BM is 'bajet', 'calendar' is 'kalendar' (where we can actually use 'takwim'), 'communication' is 'komunikasi' (where the word comes from various meaning depending on situations such as percakapan seharian, isyarat, perbualan, but these subtexts are just not as comprehensive as what komunikasi has in connotation and thus give no much gist to the listeners).

Honestly, if I were asked to translate this whole article into Bahasa Melayu, I wouldn't have much idea on what BM words would be appropriate to replace the all-inclusive single words of English in this piece. Siapa kata BM senang??! Cakap memang la senang… cuba tulis!

Enough for now, it's my Saturday-saloon-day today. And before I go enduring the hairspa, I need to clean my room of much mess.

P.s : it's PKPMI Annual General Meeting today. I won't be around the whole day til night. Anything, just call/sms

Besides Hanson and Paris Hilton, this is my all time idol - Tun
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Friday, November 28, 2008


Comel jugak tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu...
Walaupun kurang perkataan-perkataan yang bagus dan ayat yang berbunga dan kurang menonjolkan ekspresi, tetapi seronok juga membacanya (walaupun terketar-ketar juga memikirkan ayat-ayat yang sesuai sambil melakukan translasi yang cepat di dalam kepala otak saya daripada english ke Bahasa melayu). takper... Inilah yang dinamakan Beginnner (tak dapat saya fikirkan perkataan bahasa melayunya)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dengan penuh perasaan

Semalam sempat terkembang bila dia perasan saya macam Gabriella Montez. Dia kata, waktu pertama lihat Gabriella, dia teringat saya. If that was supposed to be his biggest kept secret… dia buat saya perasan. Sejak dari itulah dia menjadi penggemar no.1 HSM. Tapi saya juga perasan dia macam Troy Bolton. Jadi kami memang secocok!!! Bak kata orang putih, we have the chemistry. Kenapa chemistry ya? Kalau ditranslatekan balik – kami ada kimia. Hah, pelik!

Tapi, adik-adik saya malah rasa saya lebih kepada Sharpay Evans. Mungkin sebab saya seorang kakak yang macam Sharpay kepada Ryan. Atau di rumah, saya agak gedik seperti Sharpay. Walauapa pun, saya lebih suka pendapat si dia yang mengatakan saya seperti Gabriella! Dengan perasaan yang agak confident (perkataan confident tak dapat difikirkan bahasa melayunya), kami telah menukarkan nama kami menjadi Zuff Efron dan Nabilah Hudgens. Bunyinya juga sesuai! Kan kan???

Ada juga pendapat dia yang saya tidak berapa setuju. Biasa lah, bukan semua orang perfect kan? (perkataan 'perfect' tak dapat saya fikirkan bahasa melayunya). Dia kata saya sesuai menjadi seperti Blair Waldorf di atas beberapa sebab yang tak sampai hati saya nak luahkan di sini (akan mendatangkan banyak kontroversi) lagipun initial kami sama – 'B'. Tapi sebenarnya saya rasa jiwa saya lebih kepada Serena van der Woodsen. Mungkin sebab saya memang suka Blake Lively sejak dari Sisterhood of Travelling Pants dan sama sekali tidak pernah mengenali Leighton Meester sebelum dia menjadi 'B', dalam kata lain, popularitinya kurang.

Saya rasa dia juga amat sesuai menjadi Nate Archibald memandangkan wajahnya yang macho dan perwatakan dia yang sememangnya baik dan tenang. Padahal, dia lebih menganggap dirinya sebagai Chuck Bass. Memang la Chuck tu hot dan sesuai dengan B, tapi… Well~

Kalaulah adik saya membaca apa yang saya tulis ini, mesti dia demam dan termuntah-muntah. Harap-harap tidak. Lebih baik jangan! Nanti mesti tak dapat konsentrasi untuk SPM (sebab saya selalu menjadi 'nightmare' untuk dia). Setelah menonton HSM on ice haritu pun, dia terpaksa menyerah kalah dan mengakui bahawa sayalah Gabriella, dan bukan lagi Sharpay, or I'll be bugging her her whole life (tolong ditranslatekan...).

Phew… akhirnya, saya berjaya mengarang dalam Bahasa Melayu *tepukan gemuruh!*. Saya tak dapat recall (perkataan 'recall' tak dapat saya fikirkan bahasa melayunya) bila kali terakhir saya menulis dalam bahasa Melayu – masa SPM kot. Jangan pandang rendah dengan penggunaan Bahasa Melayu saya walaupun ayat saya tidak berbunga-bunga, tapi saya adalah pencapai A1 dalam SPM Bahasa Melayu. Sebab… saya adalah Perempuan Melayu dan amat berbangga!

Ps: nnt saya akan cuba berlatih mengasah bakat dalam menulis dalam bahasa melayu lagi sehingga saya menjadi seperti Datuk A. Samad Said. Tengok la nanti…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There'll be a piano at our Annual Grand Dinner. Awww… wish I have my piano books now.

Piano – one of my favourite functional furniture at home. I remember going on piano hunting with papa and my sisters years back and found wide choices of piano, but nothing is better compared to our shiny black mahagony upright piano. Papa always get the best for us despite of the price. Since I'm far away from home, I wonder if my piano ever get tender thumps from anyone. Therefore whenever I'm back, if I don't go whacking on my laptop, I would have spent a lot of time on the piano.

Reminiscing of Miss Lee Si Si, the fiercest piano teacher I've ever had. I had been locked for hours in a room all alone to practice on one particular piece til I got it perfectly, she had always chosen me the most difficult piece to play for our annual concert, and I once made her proud of me when I got the highest mark for one particular theory exam amongst the students of our Maestro Yamaha SS19.

If only I got a better piano teacher, I would have had continue my piano lesson I reckon, and I would join in Hanson in their band and go tour around the world. Miss Lee had taught five members in my family on piano but none of us successfully completed the course. Oh wait, was she the one teaching Nawal & Naufal piano as well? Maybe I was too daft to tell her to teach me on more pleasurable pieces to play since the first few piano books were totally tedious. I knew I had in mind to play the Hitz Parade or something like that (just like my other friends did that time), but the idea just didn't get to her concern. And perhaps, I should have had told my mom to tell the school that I wasn't all comfortable with that Miss Lee who always sneeze. If it's not because of Miss Lee Si Si, I wouldn't know even as simple chord as C major. But if only I got a better teacher, maybe I'm now next to Maxim and on my way to get insurance for my fingers.

Oh whatever… that never once had crossed my mind. I am certain to become a doctor, and better get this childhood dream of mine! So, baca la buku...!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nana Tanjung

That was the sleepiest class so far this week!

When Dr. W walked into the class for Anesth this afternoon, the reflection of him on my first glance "Wow, retro!", he is a reminiscent of the good old 70s where pointy glasses, leather jacket and bell bottoms were zealously the-in-thang. Despite of his exotic look, he also has those pointy spectacles and quite a 'trendy' jacket on (where lecturers usually come in their so-doctorish white blazers). With a quite familiar look, I added "dia ni mcm… penyanyi2 zaman dulu, boria ke kugiran like that kan?", then Ima and Kim came with a more precise picture of him "dia ni macam pelakon Nana Tanjung tulaaa!". Oh great, there goes the description of my so called lecturer to whom I failed to give 100% attention.

Perhaps it was the seat where I sat in class today. Be seated on the very last row (very top) at the center of the class was not quite suitable for me. Nevertheless, the seat psychogenic-ally injected sedative anesthesia and thus inactivated my Reticular Activating System (a.k.a the RAS) or I'm not sure how exactly the pharmaco-dynamic of anesthetic sedative drugs work (damn!). The front seats have always had my name visibly written on them as I am always one of the members of 'Front Seat-ers Community' ever since I started studying in lecture halls (college I mean... sbb dekat sekolah duluasyik kena duduk belakang jerrr!).

It was quite a struggled to keep these superior and inferior palpebras (a.k.a eyelids) widely gaping from each other. I was figuring out ways to keep me awake, and found little piece of butter bun in my bag. Eating seemed to help, temporarily. Then I took out my phone to see if there's something I can do and started to sms with Kak Nuzul. She grumbled about her first day of ko-as at the pediatric department. She was on call since yesterday and only came back home for few minutes for shower. Awww… kesian.

Oh well, check out this picture captured in class, sorry I couldn't get his photo from the front side, maybe posterior helps my description - Posterior view of Nana Tanjung.

Talking about phone, the GSM provider of the company which I'm using now is making such big mess with me. I keep getting promotion on countless smsses since this morning! The message tone kept beeping and I kept on be cheated as I am always thrilled of the sound hoping to receive sms from Zhaf ke… so far I've been receiving about 50 of the same freaking sms! Irritating gile nak mati nak kena penyepak dgn *tOot* Sabar… sabar…

Okay I think I better get my evening nap now before this blood pressure elevates again.

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