Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One A M

Yay, its 1 a.m!!! finally, phew phew~

I promised myself to stay up a little bit late tonight, later than the usual 'late'. The usual bedtime is before 11pm, and the usual late is 12am. Now 1 a.m is considered later than late! Yay, I stayed up!!! The main idea was actually to study, yeah I mean, reading and understanding. On the other hand, I was all aiming for the 1a.m without much considering the quality of study… maybe my aim was wrong. Maybe tomorrow I should go aiming on 'completing a chapter, or a handout', or something which is more beneficial. Yea indeed, tomorrow then~

Disgracing myself, I must admit that I cheated the time. I had a few minutes nap before the clock turned 1… is this all I waited for? 1 a.m and go online to blog?

I didn't get out of the house the whole day today! I feel so fat. It has been days since I water my plant (rose-less rose tree) and I would not be going to the gym anytime this week. The gym is closing for four days for the New Year. So, I'll be so fat. Supposedly, I shifted my Saturday schedule to yesterday morning, and I totally forgot about it since I was much in hassle for the meeting. I could in fact reschedule my program to tomorrow morning, but we'll have another meeting. Oh damn, this club is fattening me up!

Ibu Leny of miraculous hands came this morning. She made me indulged myself into a miraculous voyage of hassle-free. The whole body massage was marvel! Just on time as I needed it the most. I remembered once I was in a freaking menstrual pain that I couldn't even lift my ass off the bed and worsen by an acute homesick attack, Ibu Leny came with her wonder touch to alleviate the torture I was in within the 3 hours of top-to-toe massage. There was also times when I had full-blown-aired head and washing-machine-like-stomach, she was there sent by God, to heal (without analgesics!!) Anyone interested to get a body massage from Ibu Leny? I am her official agent. hehe

Okay now, I realllllly need to get my beauty sleep now. This hour creeps me out! Especially when I found this article on msn – scares Goosebumps out of me : Michelle Williams' Heath visit

P.S: Zana, if you're reading this, are you still awake? I dengar bunyi kaki you stomped mcm stampede jalan dkt tangga… please tell me it's you.

p.s again : knp ayam sebelah rumah berkokok??? is he seeing things? Damn! i hate this...

this station was on operation for extra hour today... (if only I got O.T pay)

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