Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Question Mark

I woke up this morning seeing question marks floating everywhere in the air. And I am still figuring it out, why question marks?! (?)

I online this morning seeing condolences from a colleague which indirectly meant for me. And there's another one who happily inhaling and exhaling the breeze of freedom, and I… left in an uncertainty, presuming that all these hold the answer to my question mark. All this has got to do with yesterday's episode. That's for sure.

Yesterday, started as early 5am. After Subuh, we rushed to the gym, and as usual, exercising has always given me a big contentment and lots of happiness. I feel like walking in the air. For the fifth time, I visited the market. Bought variety kind of veges cause they looked so yummy! Cabbage, carrot, some other leafy vegetables and not forgotten a bunch of retarded bean sprouts! There were only about a handful of bean sprout but since they were so retarded (short and a lot) that it took me almost half an hour to tickle off their asses.

For once after so many days, I cooked lunch (whoaA big deal). Cooking is not my favourite chore, it is more hassle than pleasure. I mean, how many hours do you take to clean cut the meats and fish, to chop the onions, wash the vege and wait til it cooked compared to how many seconds you'd take to gobble it all up? After all the long work, everything is done in your tummy just like that? And not forgotten… you'll have the kitchen and dishes to do *sigh*
and by the end of the day, you'll get shrunken fingers, weariness, and a big fat tummy. So, why cook? (first and minor question mark)

I couldn't stand holding myself for my Saturday Saloon Day. So I rushed to the saloon for a hairspa with head & shoulder massage and a little hairdo for the UMNO annual general meeting. It was suppose to be for the annual dinner, but the hair didn't stay long…

Kelab UMNO Luar Negara Cawangan Malang? Annual general meeting? Oh, so here the question mark is all about.

Til my next post…

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