Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi Nawal!

This is time when I have to blog. So this so-called urgent post is mainly about my sister. Which sister? Guess need to specify that since I have 5 of them! (the title tells).

I was blog hopping, finding some bedtime stories or perhaps some hot gossips online (its 11:40am, 20 minutes to bed). Then I came through this comment on my blog from my sister (another sister), trekking through her comment, I found a blog which I never thought that it'd belong to any of my sisters.

Going through it… then I realized that "Oh my, she's a grown up! I mean, SO grown up!!"

Going thirteen, into her teenage world, she's now on her highest growing rate – the steepest part on a female growing chart. If she had to be referred to a doctor, pediatrician would not be the best choice anymore, gyne perhaps… (harking back the flabbergasted moment early last month when I got an sms about her getting her first period, heheheee).

Apparently her blog is the blog of a so-typically-teenage girl's mind, the junior highschool kinda girl. I kinda miss mine though, if I knew I could blog back then I'd write stories of my life. High school was the bestest chapter in my whole life!!! It was the craziest life rollercoaster ride with parents as my steadfast safety belt (where there were times when I felt like putting off the belt too and jump off the cart *blushing*).

Anyway, Nawal, ude loves your writing, especially your 'About Me'. It's so true on how you express yourself. So, we'll be blogging buddies! Nanti ude balik we can go for a lot of piercing and ice skating and shopping too!! and you can follow me and Zac Efron, oops I mean, Zuff Pattison to go jalan2~ :P

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Oh my god, I'm such a stalker!!! No no no… I'm not stalking my own sister, instead I visited her blog and make it loud and clear. I'm not that kinda person who hide things from my own family. Instead, papa and mama know me best, inside and out. They are the coolest parents on the planet!

Okay, the clock strikes 12, and this princess needs her beauty sleep… toddles and good night!

Sisters (Nawal in blue)


Anonymous said...

13 such an awkward age but a turning point! *reminisce*

ahmad said...

hmm..why am i being the vampire.

Bil said...

what vampire??

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