Monday, December 22, 2008


It was a few second after I sent a message to Zuffy asking his whereabouts. When suddenly miracle happened…

I can't help but to blog about this!!! MMMbop is in the air!!! For once in a blue moon Fly Fm turned that on air!!!! Ah-ma-gad!!! Ya Allah, ya Allah bestnyaaaa!!!

It was a true Kodak moment, except that it happened for approximately 4 minutes throughout the whole song. The moment the intro got into my ears, it rapidly registered to my brain and the nostalgia drained off my memory box and if I could picture how the 'drained' was, it was some kind of a red hot love burst from my head like volcano eruption but it erupts heart-shaped confetti and glitters and all that sweet petals. My heart beats rapidly, all sweet memories of being 'The Biggest, The Ultimate, The Die-hard fan of Hanson' abruptly mixed up with my elevated blood pressure, the feeling… is just too inevitable.

When it comes to Hanson, my body turns weird, it works mysteriously.

I'm having a tachycardia, I am just too excited, I'm speechless… and for that few minutes, my mind was Zuffy-free. Heheheeee

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