Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The sound I longed for

The sound lingers around my ears (still), little mist hazing about my mind whilst the heart is clouded with a rather confused glee. It’s has been going on like a tinnitus since the past 5 days.

Am I supposed to choose how to feel?
Are emotions arranged on the shelves awaited to be picked?
Are feelings optional?

‘Penny and Me’ – should be the least expected song to be heard over the system of Matos Hypermart. I was jolted, but my lips were visibly moved and sing along. I just couldn’t resist singing along the song I love, especially Hanson songs! Can you believe it? In this place called Malang, the song was tuned over the sound system? For once, I’m glad, for twice, I’m surprised! The same thing happened on the 14th March this year, I was in the car on the way to Surabaya when suddenly ‘Mmmbop’ was tuned over the air! I needed someone to knock on my head, bring me back to reality from the ‘hallucination’ I thought I had.

The feeling was inevitable to get to hear Hanson on the radio for once in a blue moon. Then I remembered, it was Taylor Hanson’s birthday!! But did the Djs know? was that the reason they tuned Mmmbop on on the 14th March?

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