Thursday, July 31, 2008

That swigging squiggling wax coated cancerous thing

There was only a cup of tea and a piece of toast with butter and kaya on the dining table when I woke up this morning. Breakfast has always been my very most important meal and I won’t start my day without stuffing myself in the morning. Mama takes a day off from work today. So practically, I was forced to wake up and help her cleaning the house. After a few chores which include ‘water the plant’ and used all the energy I got from the single butter and kaya toast, I get back into the kitchen and dig out for something to eat.

span >Raiding the fridge but not to vail, I turned to the cabinets and found packets of Maggie!!! OMG, I miss that s***!!! I thought that I won’t be scoffing such nasty food like that once I’m home, hence I just miss having those swigging-squiggling-wax-coated cancerous noodles with MSG enriched seasoning powder (omg, I make that sound so deadly unhealthy) – that’s my breakfast for today *wink*. Surprisingly, mama didn’t say a word about me having Maggie (she just hate seeing her kids scoffing on instant noodles and would definitely pull her nagging trigger).

Talking about ‘water the plant’, that’s one of the new house chores just introduced since I-don’t-know-when. According to Tok Puan, one of her simple gardening tips is to ‘talk to the plant’, basically have some monologue conversation with the plants. But since I wasn’t much in the mood of watering them and of course didn’t know what exactly to talk to them.

I just went like “So… Good morning pokok2 sekalian.. You guys need some water huh?”.

Angah heard me, and she replied in behalf of the plants, but I don’t think plants know how to use the obscene words she used, thus we didn’t really get into the ‘talking to the plants mood’.

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