Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Friends For Sale

The spotlight for today is definitely on the meeting with my business buddies. I’ve gotta blog it!

This is another party of friends I’m keeping in my treasure chest – definitely. The meeting (shall I call it meeting or gathering or just a simple hang out? Maybe it was meeting at first since we’re ‘business dealers’, but then I prefer it to be called ‘hang out’) was planned way months before since their first meet up (without me), so I urged them for another hang out during my holiday. Thanks for the effort guys! The Carbonara Party was a blast, the suggested Carbonara was scrumptious (better than Italiannies, really!) and definitely will have it again!!!

The hours of hanging out at Centerpoint was solidified with talks over wide range of topics, lotsa poses for the flashes of cameras, and not forgotten the remarkably unamplified loud laughs!!! These are the people I love to hang out with, just like my other bunch of friends, we get along very well as how we meant to be.

Maybe this will answered to Am question on my opinion about the carbonara party, or basically about them. Honestly, I didn’t feel any wide range of age gap there in between us though we might be like at least 8 years different. Thanks to Nad who is willingly rushed from the long day she had on the flight back from Miri and her fashionably busy life. I can’t imagine the party without her, she’s so damn freakingly hilarious!!! She’s an amazing woman, I mean it. I wonder how Shareen is… must be a real havoc with them both at the site. As told by Am “Luckily she was not there”. Not that lucky though, Am was just being spontaneous, not that he meant it.

Jason is a nice man, just like a friendly uncle who is motivational and yet funny. Being a great businessman he is, mainly he’s the game planner of our TeamSwaf FFS business. About Am, haha. How am I suppose to write about you? You’re as nice as how I expected you to be. You actually laugh quite a lot uh? Mesti you dah kena inject with laughing allergents from Nad! And Man, I remembered meeting you five years back! Not much different uh? Still friendly, but I still think that you should have finished up the last shrimp!

Thanks to Dd to be on my company over the evening!!! I pray you’ll get the scholar to Japan, and then we’ll meet you there in Kimonos and Nad will do her Step Up dance (just like how she did in front of her boss! LOL).

Overall, this evening was a blast! Despite of the cancellation of our midnight surprise party to Dyen (due to the bad traffic condition in Shah Alam after the Malaysia-Chelsea football match, we’re terribly sorry Dyen!!! But I’m sure you’re having extra good time with Oc). I can’t wait to watch The Secrets which Jason passed to everyone of us (how sweet eh?). They were talking about The Secrets (that everyone was talking about), I wanted to read that since Zaidi bragged me on how good the book was, but I’m just not the type of person who actually read books (except for studies), and here’s a good opportunity for me to get into The Secret on dvd *wink*.


Eterna said...

Hey! You beat me to it. Guess last night was a blast that you blogged it straight away eh? :D

Well, it was. Personally, I feel more comfortable with them. The first time I met them I was so malu2.. you know, being the only kid.

They're fun to befriend with and so are you. You are somewhat cheeky hehehe.

Hope we can hangout again before you leave for Surabaya!

Eterna said...

P/S: email me any pictures that you got from the rest? :)

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