Saturday, July 5, 2008

The A-Rush : Dikejar anjing version

Naughty dog! Bad dog! Stupid dog!!!
I am so going to kill you if killing is not a sin!

That was how it felt… The ‘adrenaline rush’ everyone was talking about, the famous ‘sympathetic reaction’ I learnt since the first semester and the well-known ‘fight or flight reaction’.

Today, subsequently to my seven hours exhaustion of shopping (not exactly shopping, I was just looking for cheap refrigerator and mattress), include few hours of annoying delay of the furniture shop to deliver our beds, and few minutes of waiting for dinner to be cooked, I got chased by a mad dog. Yea, you don’t have to give me those big wide eyes, it’s true, I was chased by a dog!

Just few meters away from home, at the corner where the roads meet, where the junction was a bit creepy at night with bushes and shrubs, that is where it all started. I was still in my painful sandals with a little blister on my left feet at the distal of the 5th metatarsal due to the long-hour-whole-day walked. In a scurry motion, as soon as I started dashing home, a dog came from nowhere, right before my eyes, he was running towards me as if he was chasing after me.

“Damn, what did I do?!”.

To a very shocking moment in my 22 years of living, the world stopped spinning for a millisecond to allow the beginning of the ‘flight or fight reaction. As the world stopped spinning, the dog did too.

Fight OR flight?
Why must there be an ‘or’? Despite of being a very lousy decision maker, I chose to flight. The dog seemed to have no choice but to abide by my decision. He flight too! There goes thespeculated chasing moment’.

I couldn’t feel my feet and my heart was pumping hard (that was the strongest contraction of my cardiac muscle since it was formed during my first few weeks of embryo formation I reckon). I screamed and screeched til I found Nad and Adib walking towards the house. A rapid trip of ideas came up my mind, how far more should I run? What will happen if the dog caught me? Will I get Rabies and admitted into the hospital tonight? My Levi’s jeans, pink HRC shirt I was wearing, Promode sling bag? Everything will be ragged off and torn by the bite of the dog and I’ll have to samak back everything?

“AaAaaAaaAaa Adib! Nad!! Tolongggg!!!”

and I continued speeding up even after I passed them. I realized there was an unidentified guy came out from my house trying to chase the dog away too.
Then I heard Adib and Nad were like “Dah Bil, dah” and then I stopped…
I got my feet back on, but they were so weak. I turned around, no dog, I’m safe, Adib and Nad came towards me, holding my jelly-like figure steadfastly. Then in my half-conscious condition, I saw the unidentified guy (Fala’s friend actually) and few of my housemates with their wide open eyes and mouth wait by the gate – stumbled. Nad took me upstairs.

The vigorous gasp, sweaty palms, pounding heart, skin-tingling sensation, and everything I learnt about the annoying symptoms of sympathetic nerves respond were clearly visible and experienced. In a view of the fact that I was theoretically thought about this so-called ‘A-rush’, I merely memorized all the symptoms exactly before. This incidence however has given me a quick and F.O.C lesson of the sympathetic nerve reaction albeit of a sudden heart attack. I thank god that I was saved! Alhamdulillah…

And, another phenomenon is added today in the Bil’s First-times List. Today, 5th July 2008, first time ever in my life, I got chased by a dog. Though it was only for a few meters (5-6 meters), but the energy consumed for the event was more than a 10k run.


azz_arhazza said...


mau akak turun berkilo kalau kena kejar... ekekeke...

Bil said...

klau i mcm tu.. best jugak kan? boleh jadi kurus and slim-mlim~ hmm!!
nak cari pasal la dgn anjing hari2 biar dia kejar, then i lari kuat2 smp pecah lemak2 dkt badan ni! hehe

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