Friday, July 11, 2008

Pick-up truck

First of all, I hate sitting on this chair. My big black chair, my closet, my desk all gone! (moved to the new house). This four-walled cubicle doesn’t look like my room anymore, it doesn’t even feel like the one I lived in for the past 3 years. Yea, three years approximately since I moved into this house around mid of August 2005.

I’ve been waking up early these last few days. The pick-up man with his pick-up truck came right on time. The whole moving took about 3-4 hours, with 2 trips back and forth our old and new place. It is tiring… just moved our stuffs inside, but we’re only moving in after the holiday. For the time being, I’m going to stay here at my current place, use all the electricity, water and other facilities as much as possible as I’ve already paid the rent for the whole month of July.

Extra class for Obgyn was supposed to be after the Friday prayer, which is somewhere around 1pm. In spite of being as busy as lecturers always are, Dr. Sistrosno suddenly had to perform a surgery procedure (Caesarean I reckon…), and rescheduled the class. Postponed til 3pm, but he entered the class when the clock almost strikes four. Three hours delayed (biase la tu… *stoned*), but it is very worth the wait. He entered the class, hold the mic and immediately start without any affable introduction or apologies.

He went like “Hypothalamus, Hypophyse, ovarium… neuroendocrine ada 5 jenis hormone blablabla…”

and without pausing, he continued “jadi, kenapa kalian? Apa masalahnya? Kenapa dgn ujiannya kelmarin?”

Haa, there he goes. If there is nothing wrong with the exam, why must there be an extra class after the exams when we’re all suppose to just go back home and forget about everything?!

Despite the fact of getting the unexpected results for Obgyn, I lose expectations for other subjects too and rely everything on fate and prayers. Surgery and IPD results are coming out this Monday while pediatric’s on the day after – and the fact that my flight back to Malaysia is scheduled on Wednesday the 16th. Everything will be right on time as scheduled if only the-everything-else is right as expected and no weird grades to hold me back here. Although the surgery and pediatric results are not announced yet, but the remedial exams are already fixed! And what is this suppose to mean???! Mesti ramai org dapat markah teruk2, that’s why dah confirm ada remedial papers. Arrghh!!

My anticipation of holiday is fading… I’m starting to curse on the condition of the ‘local’s’ mind here who are so selfish and kiasu. I am going back no matter what, its just that I can’t confirmed when yet. These ‘local’s’ are so lembap taik kucing, taking their own sweet time and procrastinate a lot. They’re taking advantage of being the authority where everyone needs to obey without any protest. Benci!!!

I currently feel like eating satay. Satay kajang particularly. And nasi briyani too… nak balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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