Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whole day full

7:00 am : Hanson started singing ‘Get up and Go’ on my handphone. I didn’t think much before I put them on snooze and get back to sleep. Five minutes later I heard “Biiiiilll, banguuun”, Siti shouted from inside the TV room.

“Yea, it’s today, it’s going to be one long exhausting day and it’s going to start now!”

7:15 am : I finally got up and straight away to the bath. Jaya still in her PJs, Kimah hasn’t gotten her breakfast yet. But, I thought we’re suppose to get going by 7am!!! *stoned*

8:00 am : we finally got out of the house, took the angkut and off to the immigration office. The ride wasn’t as long as it used to be, psychologically cause we were chatting and enjoying the whole 40minutes ride.

Nothing much happened at the immigration office, everything went smooth since they’ve shifted the counter for foreign on the 1st floor. I never thought that they have such smart brains to finally separate the place for us from the frantic waiting room with all the TKIs (tenaga kerja Indonesia) and their funny smell. Got our ERP (exit re-entry permit), and head back to our next destination.

10:05 am : arrived at the hospital. So, which department first? IPD? Obgyn? Surgery?
The IPD secretary was holding on stalk of papers when we arrived, she then frenziedly fold the papers into two and kept them aside as soon as we asked her whether if can check our results.

“nilainya jueelek!! Masih juelllleeek ga bisa dikeluarkan dulu”

Right, we’re very aware of that expression and it didn’t surprise us at all. All of us expected the ‘jelek-ness’, IPD was an absolute bizarre. After much arguing, she still refused to hand us our results as there are still few procedures the department has to go through, with all the revision, conference with all the lecturers and all. My hope to sit for the remedial paper is slimming, as thin and fragile as the hymen membrane (euu, what a description!)

Then we went to the surgery department. The results are already brought up to the faculty, but still on pending, waiting for approval before they can finally be published. I wonder why they have to hold on the results for so long.

About Obgyn, there was no mistake in the grading. I am really that dumb!
DONE at the hospital with heartache, headache and exhaustion.

11:00 am : head to our new house. We’re moving in tomorrow, so today is the cleaning up day. We washed and scrubbed the whole house til 3:30pm.

4:00 pm : Arrived at the faculty. Head to the lab and found that all my mosquitoes are dead! Damn!!! even 5% concentration of mint can kill those nasty creatures. Means that I’ve to dilute the extract to a lower concentration and check out the potential.
Arrrghh, tensionnya harini! Luck envies me so much it seems. I wasted my energy to just check out the deadly mosquitoes.

4:40 pm : Home finally… phew~ rush for Asar and ready for Maghrib. I wonder how can the guys next door know my name?! nasib baik dah nak pindah...

6:30 pm : Have to ditch the Korean TV series this evening and continue packing my stuff.

7:35 pm : Bibi from Bali called. Again, asking me when I’m going back to go surfing in Bali. Hmm… sorry, I’m busy.

I really think that if there is one district in Indonesia that has to dismiss from the region, it would be Bali.

Bali is far different from other places in Indonesia I’ve visited. I love Bali! Really do!

8:38 pm : Zhaf called. Emotion strikes. I was in my most fatigued and depressing state – and being the most reliable guy, he dug out the optimist side of myself and cheered me up. Problems seem to disappear all of sudden. Thanks darling!

10:43 pm : Papa called. Emotional rushed once again. I told him about the whole day of heartache and all my problems, tears started to swift out like a monsoon drain. I don’t know why I can be so much emotional when talking to my parents, only they have the key to my lacrimal glands and it irritatingly triggers me much. Being the most supportive, understanding and lovable parents they are, tears dried off and my problems are all settled! Thanks papa! I don't know how I'd do without you.

10: 50 pm : Hungryyyy! I just realized that I missed dinner, and didn’t even get a proper lunch. But I didn’t care much, I have to get things done with my room ASAP.

11:00 pm : Done packing, blisters on my right palm and fingers, room is cleaned and bed is calling. Oh, I haven’t prayed yet!

11:30 pm : washed my face and brushed my teeth. Was just about to hit the bed, but the tummy was really upset. Met Angah online, she has ‘gossip’ to tell, and I had something to share. But I suddenly feel like clipping my fingernails. Chat with Angah and just get to know that Zaidi’s family came this morning for ‘merisik’. She got a ring, I wonder if there is a diamond on it.

12:00 am : start blogging, dug in the junk box and found some cookies to munch on. But… I already brushed my teeth??! Hmm… I chewed on some gums with xylitol, it says something like chewing the gum is equivalent to brushing teeth. So I didn’t brush my teeth again after that cookies before drop dead on bed.

12:45 am : done blogging. Going off to bed now.

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