Sunday, July 13, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

This is one of many entries that I am very eager to write. Y’ll know I don’t blog much about other people but this is going to be one special case – this isn’t a gossip, I better call it ‘my point of view’.

Exactly an hour ago, I had bunch of big laughs and giggles and almost break this chair. I found something, some writing, a blog particularly of a very humorous entry, surprisingly. I don’t know whether I should ‘found’ that so-called writing, but I just did… To Whom It May Concern, read this through, and figure if this is about you!

The author of the blog is no stranger to me. I admit that I don’t know her inside out as much as I know other members in our ‘community’, probably because of the age gap, or maybe because she is actually a very secretive person, despite of her visible flamboyant.

She may seem very frank and spontaneous when she talks, as if she let out everything from inside her guts through her mouth. Her words are mostly poignant albeit of her sarcastic-ness, but do no harm (physically) to other people, besides for a temporary personal heartfelt. Sometimes it makes me wonder why she has to behave as such when she knew that it might be defensive for others. Her cynical is sometimes (most of the time) is just unacceptable for such healthy woman her age. Alas, she does not fulfill all the criteria of one healthy individual according to the definition of ‘healthy’ by the WHO. If I were her personal health-adviser, I would refer her to a psychiatrist. No offense, but she needs help. Her condition is not leading to a lethality, but it’s chronic I must say, as I’ve experienced living my whole life swallowing her sardonic words of mocking and disrespect to neither ones’ privacy nor feelings.

It is irritating when I was a small kid and always get bullied by her, calling me by names, ditching me in games, telling me the so-called-truth-that-hurts, making fun of myself, my fats, my teeth, my face, spreading rumors to my friends, embarrass in public, digging into my private life, and do everything that bully does. But as I said, there were just a few temporary heart felt. The pain keeps healing, lucky for me, I have a strong mental to hold me through my life as a kid, even up til now. If you’ve known her during your childhood, surely you have had at least a little gulp of her sarcastic-ness. I’m sorry that she had to put a little ‘disturbed’ in your growing mental age. If you have watched the movie ‘It’ by Stephen King, well… ~

She, is very thoughtful (actually). You just have to get to know her, deep inside she is loving, caring and most of all very generous. She once was one of my childhood idol, as I thought that she was a very brilliant, smart and creative. Scoring straight A’s for UPSR was really a big deal (as she got a very big bicycle from papa). I admire her creativity, and I must say that we inherited some of the same creative genes and interests. As we both grew older, I can sense of that her sensibility of holding the responsibility of being an adult, of being the eldest above all. I am glad that she has remarkably made herself respectful. Ironically, notwithstanding her blemish attitude she is still eyeing for victims to be fed with tormentor thus satisfy her sarcastic-ness.

To Naufal, be strong, your love life is fully yours.

If Karma exists, and if there is another life after life, I wish you'll be born not to be the eldest daughter, not to have the feeling of being superior among your siblings.

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