Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cash from God

God has different ways of answering to prayers. He might answer it straight away, might have response to it a little bit later (so that you’ll learn to pray harder), He might keep His reply later at the very best time on the very best occasion, or sometimes you may feel like He never did reply to your prayers, which He actually keep them, keep em’ til the day after. So that instead of returning your prayers into a certainty, He would sometimes keep em’ and convert the prayers into pahala.

So which one do you prefer? Cash or credit? In whatever way He chose, definitely is the best for us. Trust Him, He’s God.

For so many times in my life, I’ve been given cash from Him (though there are also a-not-yet-replied-prayers, but I have no doubt that there’ll be responses soon). Today, I got cash from God. Praise the Almighty Allah, only He knows how hard the prayers were, how badly I needed it, and how importantly it is to me for an ASAP reply. That’s what called miracle.

It had been a dreadful week since after the exam. I couldn’t feel the relief yet even when the exams were over. Results were bothering me so much, so many possibilities running about my mind and I just couldn’t shut them off. That was the most strenuous week in this semester ever – it was more tiring than exams’ stress, cause you just can’t do anything to ease but prayers and ignorance.

As everyone was anxiously waiting for the IPD and surgery results to be announced yesterday, suddenly the only result announced was Pediatric. Alhamdulillah, one burden lifted. And today, after so many rumors and problems about the surgery & IPD results, they were finally announced around 3 this evening. Again, Alhamdulillah. That was the point I was anxiously waiting for before I could make up my mind whether to fly home tomorrow or wait for the remedial papers. However, since everything went well and not-weird, my excitement of going back home is more than the enthusiasm of studying for remedial papers. Then I started packing up and set my mind, exactly 24 hours before the flight tomorrow.

Ah, what a relief~
It is tiring to think. Do you know that our brain consumes 80% of the energy produced by the body? Just imagine, if you eat a whole chicken, only the flesh from the legs are going to be the energy source to move your whole body except your brain. The weary of worrying about the consequences of uncertainties is the most fatigue and stressful effort ever. Curiosity can kill!

To mama, papa, and everyone out there who had been (and still are) praying for me, thank you so much! I wonder how countless calls Allah received that made Him just couldn’t refuse but to answer… *smile*

So, I guess… will be seeing you tomorrow InsyaAllah.

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