Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shop Out Loud!

Waking up after six hours of sleep and still hanging around with this slushy-morning look. Should be the acute dumbfound effect of my current status as a bankruptcy and a hopeless student. How I wish to have a job and earn a good pay, then I can really feel the ‘shop til drop’ sensation. As for now, despite of the declaration of bankruptcy, the showy effect hasn’t gotten into an ostentatious bizarre yet. I wonder how I would spend my wages for my shopping list of no-ending-no-edges.

Yesterday shoes were a big mistake! I shouldn’t have worn the high heels if I knew that we would go walking around the BB from Pavilion all the way to Low Yatt (surveying new laptop for Renee). It wouldn’t be a big problem if I was in a different pair of shoes. Though these legs are made for shopping, but they still need appropriate accessories, don’t they?

Pavilion was… typically Pavilion, I have nothing against it and hopefully to come back when I got my pocket topped up (like… in how many years?). But something keeps me wondering still – could ‘he’ (referring to a particular someone) be in a bipolar disorder or schizophrenia when he swap over RM1500 for a simple shirt??! Damn, I would rather spent that for the madly bundle sale on MNG or Topshop or anywhere else where I can get ten times more goods than the one from Gucci. Oops…

Outing with Renee was a reminiscing of the good school days, and shopping with Amirol was a drop-dead-heels-cracking moment, didn’t know that guys are as fanatical shoppers as the girls~ He proved it twice this week (the first time was on the random shopping trip to Sunway Pyramid last Monday). Renee and I were suppose to be his so-called ‘shopping consultants’ however were knocked for six over his wild-and-senseless shopping intuition. I seriously got a heart attack in spite of a slight hypoglycemic on that quick shopping before we finally get to fuel up at Planet Hollywood. Phew… fresh air! Fresh air!

Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to Mama & Papa!!!
I love you both so much!!


Eterna said...

RM1500 for a freaking shirt???

Shit, I'd rather save it for a new laptop or an iPhone. Well, it actually up to the individual. Some things are more important than others. Can't really blame them.

But RM1500 for a shirt is just too much, imho.

Bil said...

takper la... cantik ape shirt tu!
nnt if i can get the ffs money converted into RM, i'll buy u the laptop and blackberry

Ezham said...

This is my comparison:

Rm1500 = Gucci Shirt
Rm1500 = Blackberry

I loveess my blackberry..hehehe :D

lolalyena said...

haduh penat ...tired tired ...jealous jeles...waaa wannna go bec msia too..uwaaa

Bil said...

na: balik je la!!! dah lama tak jumpe na, rindu tau!
am : cya at the carbonara party!

Millie said...

1500 bil??


Fuzzy A! said...

Aku nak cakap something tapi aku rasa ko tau apa aku nak cakap maka dengan itu aku pun tak cakaplah. - Johan

Eterna said...

Wow good response here. Haha.

Bil, if I leh convert all that FFS money into real money, I'd buy myself a house and a car first :D But thanks for the thought hehe.

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