Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogging on bed

I seldom do this. I always make bed as a special place to rest or to sleep and nothing more. As how much I cherish sleep, I still have these two irritating dark rings encircling my eyes. That’s one of the reasons why I went to look for a suitable facial treatment this evening. Even Leonard Drake (Demalogica) and Beaubelle don’t have the treatment I’m searching for, maybe Dr. Ranjit has it! (What treatment? – ada deh~)

Since I came back, I never set the morning alarm. Mmmm… nikmatnya tidur~ but as usual, Zhaf, being a devoted sunshine to my morning window, will call me up. I had date today! I rushed up and remember that papa is supposed to eat oats every morning (as it is believed to reduce cholesterol). OMG, his cholesterol level is terribly high!!! After reading his medical check-up reports from the SJMC, it comes to my concern that papa needs to do something about it! The medical report looks like a list report from random cases in the IPD exam paper. Scary!!!

Being typically me, Zhaf had to wait at least 15 minutes upon his arrival as I was busy upstairs preparing myself. Got my little ‘possessions’ stuffed in an over-sized bag, then we were off to mamak for a little breakfast. Mid Valley seems to be our only choice to catch Journey to the Center of The Earth on 3D effect. The movie was good, nothing special about the 3D effect except that it’s a 3D! hehehe

I thought that Eman and Nadh would be in MV by the time our movie ended, then I got a sms from Nadh telling that they are all in KLCC. What a coincidence! Zhaf and I initially planned to go to KLCC too after settling few of his stuff somewhere around KL.

Lama gila tunggu Nadh and Eman from their Educative trip to the Petrosains. Taktau mimpi ape sampai nak pegi petrosains. Didn’t get to spend much time with them, coz Zhaf wanted to get out of KL before the road gets busy. The sophisticated roads and highway make the journey from KLCC to Subang Parade as quick as walking from my house to SMSU. Thank you to all the brilliant civil engineers and labors! Cheers!

Taste wise, I can’t differentiate donuts and Big Apple. I love both!!!

Since I already put this Beaubelle's facial serum and moisturizer (which are meant to be put up before sleep), it is appropiate for me to be on bed and sleep. Now that I am already on the bed, and blogged about it... so now it's time to dozzed off! night!


Nanie MK said...

hoo.. pegi petrosains tak ajak itu 2 org. ceh. hahaha LOL.

Bil said...

nani ade dkt kl ke? ape no hp nani? nxt time klau kiteorg kluar lagi, bil call naniE!

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