Sunday, July 20, 2008

My brandnew boyfriend

Incited by my mat-salleh celup look (referring to my new hair dye), Zhaf has the affirmation on highlighting his hair too. He was planning for it few months back even before I had my hair done and just got it through yesterday! wEeee!!!

It started with the basic color which is not suppose to be noticeable (but honestly, it is noticeable, but look rather ‘natural’). The highlight came after with a greenish gold which only covered few leashes on his fringe.

There was the 3-long-hour spent at the saloon, getting his new look! (Where the initial plan was just to get a simple haircut actually). The overall cost for his new hairstyle, dye and highlight is as much as my whole semester visit to the saloon in Indonesia (for haircut, hair treatment, reflexology, pedicure, manicure, hairspa and creambath). Hmm… murahnya saloon dkt Indon!

In the end of the day, Zhaf went "Hijaunya rambut I! Oh'o... How am I going to work this Monday? Later orang dkt office sure terkejut". Lol!!! hell yeah with what people going to say or terkejut or whatever~ Actually, takde la hijau sangat... cute ape!

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