Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello again bacteria!

Today, I re-visit the roadside stalls where I first had my diarrhea from. Depok, that’s what they call it. I don’t know what is so special about that place, shall I say it disgusting? The first time I was bought there, it surprised me. “Do normal people like us actually eat here?!” as I thought that the stalls are meant for cheap labors and carpenters who work nearby.

The lecturers from PPI, practically our facilitators for the adaptation program brought us around the town, little did I realized that they were trying to inject in some active immunization into my body system. They made us had our lunch at such place like that - then was when I experienced my very first terrible diarrhea one day after ‘enjoying’ my meal there. With all the bacteria introduction and immunity formation, they successfully made our adaptation program!!! We are ready to live here and enjoy every junk yet to be served before our eyes.

Talking about getting sick, if it was not due to homesickness, I would very much enjoy being sick under my foster parents’ care (where ibu and her 2 maids will take turn to look after me and give me massage for FOC).

Hello again bacteria I must say! Hairs all on piloerectile, it was somehow like a FearFactor challenge to me when the Indo girls drove us there for lunch. Macam pernah ku lihat tempat ini... Saje nak cari pasal, I refuse to decline the offer. I had the exact same menu I had 3 years back. I wonder if the bacteria are strong enough to fight over my enforced immunity now. Let’s find out - soon!


I am so pissed! More than the pissed I should have had if I were not in a dysmenorrheal state. This hormonal imbalance phase I’m going through now is labile and that particular someone was triggering me hard this evening at campus. I hate people who never are grateful for what they’ve got. Dapat B pun nak mengamuk2! If I got a B for the nasty pediatric, I would knee down and pray! Aarrgghh stress!!! I should have gone alone to the campus to check out the results this evening rather than biting the bullets from the trigger she pulled.

This internet service is going to be turned off by the server administrator tomorrow! According to plan, I should go back home on Wednesday. If I failed to, I’ll have to live here, internet-less! Oh noooooooooooo!!!! Nak balik!!!!!!!!!

chup! kan best kalau every exam is like Obgyn remedial paper~

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