Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hassle (and much more to come)

“Mbak Naaaabilah, bubur ayaaam”

Pester, stop bugging me when I’m sleeping! With a half-mad-half-annoyed and firmly sealed eyelids, I slipped my hand under the pillow grabbing for my handphone. Damn, its 5:30am, I must have forgotten to set the alarm – again!! Then was when I performed my Subuh, or what some people must have categorized it as ‘Subuh gajah’. Not my fault anyways… Thanks mbah for the wake up call (thought it didn’t sound like a wake up call at all). Again thanks, but no thanks, I really was not in the mood for bubur ayam at times like that. Sleeping seems so much better than eating~

The next scene I could remember after that was when the clock turned 7am, with much hassle and a heart full or reluctance, I dragged my huge self up from bed. Need some laundry and a lot of packing up to do! The plan was to settled on the books and notes by today, and it has been successfully done! Only few notes and books left on the shelves for revision later in case if there’s a remedial exam (oh please, please there be a remedial paper, at least for IPD! Please… pretty pleaseeee!).

Scraping through the jumble of papers and books, I came across these 2 piece of papers – the result of my bonescan test. One test was held in the beginning of last year, and the other was on early this year. There is a diverse between both the results. I’m not sure what unit was used on the measurement, but the first time, my score was 2 (the maximal score for very low risk of osteoporosis), then the second test, my score was slightly lower than 2. My bone density is decreasing within a year and the result is significant!! Oh my god, I’m on the verge of aging… thought it’s still in the ‘low-risk’ category, but still, my bone density is decreasing!!! Damn to those Maggie and caffeine!!!

Talking about bone density, only one carton of milk left in my storage. Obviously it won’t last til the 16th, do I need to get another carton or just let myself milk-less for the rest of the days til I go back home? Oreos are still in a good stock, so do other foods stuff. I must restrict myself for another groceries shopping since I’m running out of cash.

Ten days to go…
and still much more to be settled and done. The packing ups and move out is currently the biggest agitation stalking up my mind. I hate packing!!! I wonder how the Nomads live with it. I never have had experienced the chaos of moving into new place before, and I was confused about sorting my stuff into boxes of variety sizes, where sizes and weight come into an important issue. Luckily, I have a ‘Nomad-like’ friend, Siti. Since her dad is a hospital director, the whole family has been shifted from places, and she is well experienced to share a few moving tips with me – my burden seems lighter with her guiding around *wInk*

*scroll up and look* “What a long and monotonous piece this is…”

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