Thursday, July 3, 2008

And tick tock says the clock

Time is hypocrite.

Now I understand the idioms, the saying, proverb (or whatever you call it) “Time is gold”. Definitely, time is damn filthy rich - but not quite a spoilt brat .

Time rides on a rocket before I could realized its existence,
Time flies on a jet plane when I didn’t want it to go,
Time races on a speedcar when I was trying to chase it,
Time goes down a parade on the luxurious compatible car when I was trying to make ends meet,
Time walks in her stilettos down the road when I was anxiously waiting,
Time slips like a snail when I was in a rush,
Time paralyzed when my adrenaline shot wild!

Time has all mean of transportations and motions that just never fit into my requirement! Everything in this world seems affordable for Time. Time keeps everything and never missed the tiniest microseconds of everything that’s happening, Time never sleeps, not even blink her eyes. Time is strong, Time is not human, neither does she a God. Time is Time… And Time itself.

And the classical tick tock goes, til nobody knows...

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