Monday, July 14, 2008

Dalam kotak

Now it gets on my nerves already!
Everything seems to be inside the box. How shallow…

I was discussing with Christina on resuscitation for neonates few minutes ago, I realized that we had lack of references and wanted to dig in some info from the textbooks, then I realized “Oh, I already kept everything in the box and sealed and sent to the new house, urrgh~”, luckily the internet helps a little.

These are sequences of ‘Dah masuk kotak’ episodes :

The blue-tack stuck in between my nails and I couldn’t peel them off. I needed a nail clipper, but “oh wait, it’s sealed in the box already!”

I needed the welfare money but Siti goes like “Alaaaa, I dah simpan smua file dalam kotak dkt rumah baru!!”

“You ada benang and jarum tak? Nak pinjam” and they went like “takde… dah simpan dalam kotak :( “

“Bil, pinjam weight scale”, and I went “Alaaaa, I dah simpan dalam kotak!

“Bil, you ada tak notes PA? nak pinjam”, and again “Alaaa, dah simpan dalam kotak la… sorry!”

“Bil, may I have a look at your proposal?”, and without doubt “oh sorry, I dah simpan dalam kotak!”

“Do you have any movie yang best2?”, and again and again “Ada, tapi dah masuk dalam kotak. Sorry!”

I was getting ready to the mall this morning, “aik, where are my handbags?!! Where are the bags?! Oh no, I kept everything dalam kotak already!”

And, the latest exasperation happened a few minutes later. I felt as if something fishy was going on down there, oh s***!!
“Kim, you ada pad tak??!” and she went “haaa? Takde… dah simpan dalam kotak la dkt rumah sana… you P ke?! You tak kira ke?”


Now, where is my otak? Dalam kotak???!!!!!!
oh no no no no, kluarkan balik! keluarkan!! besok ada exam!! kena bawak otak!!

Morale of the story :
Do think out of the box, use your otak, before keeping everything dalam kotak!


Nanie MK said...

nice entry btw. got me laughing the whole time reading it.
pastu during those time, tgh baca terbayang mcm in videos where they put clips of ppl taking one by one mcm yg u buat tu.

Nanie MK said...

i mean... yg mcm this entry yg u buat T_T

Eterna said...

Bil.. bil.. lmao. What should I write? If only I can send you my recorded laugh when I read this entry. The ending is superb! hahahaha. Memang ada moral.


azz_arhazza said...

ahaks! menarik... ^_^

Bil said...

nanie : aww, i should have recorded how many times the word 'dalam kotak' now..

man : u better not record ur laugh, menjahanamkan harta benda je u ni..

kak zahra : 2nd morale of the story, jgn la pindah rumah!!! peninggggg kepala!!

Eterna said...

And you left your IC and driving license 'dalam kotak' as well. ROFLMAO.

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