Saturday, July 19, 2008

The catching ups

I’m losing sense of blogging. I lost a countless attempt to blog since I came back. Is it because there are just too many to blog? Or maybe there is just no word to describe the raptures.

I’m sick of people asking me “Bil, how’s the food in Indon? Best eh?”

Why the heck do they care about the foods in Indo? Basically, the hidden gist was on me, the question is not asked upon their curiosity about the food. I get it… I’m fat – fatter. How polite Malaysians are – the question to get to the point of my fatness is so refined into a more sophisticated sentence. I don’t mind frankness and I totally appreciate honesty, no matter how hurtful it is.

Mama is back! Her shopping vacation seems exciting enough, but not as electrifying as how she was after came back from Milan. I miss mama, tomorrow is the starting of

“bangun, bangun!!! Anak dara apa ni tidur sampai tengah hari!”

and I’m kinda miss it actually *sigh*

I had my second nasi ayam and first nasi lemak today. Ouch, so much nasi for this week I guess. I met most of the people I’ve been missing while I’m gone. Started with lunch at McD after Friday prayer with Renee, Jo and Ogy. Caught up with gossips and Lol-ing with the forever hilarious Jo. Guess how much I missed Renee… then later this evening, Adli came and fetch me for the typical taiti-at-kopitiam session. Almost the whole bunch were there, Ossie, Dyen, Hafidz... and Amirol who just arrived KLIA at 9:30pm from Sydney, straight away drop by the kopitiam with all the kangaroo’s smell still and his huge baggage. Pelik betul… balik je terus kopitiam, bukan nak balik rumah dulu. Hahaha. Enough of winning 2 sets, the lucks were more to Adli tonight. Aww… this is what I’ve been missing.

I’m missing Zhaf (still). Haven’t got enough of him yet (I guess I will never be). He is one addictive substance, my happy pill, my cheery machine, my lucky charm. I wonder if I actually ‘miss’ him, cause you ‘miss’ something when you lose it. Whereas, I never lose Zhaf, he’s always near, safely tuck inside my heart – no matter how million miles we are apart. I only miss being physically around him. I don’t mind sleeping at night without having him in my dreams. In spite, he never really came into my dreams at night, or I can count the number of times. I don’t mind either, because he is my every dream come true.

*contented smile*

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