Monday, July 21, 2008

Nothing beats Hanson

Stress!!! Stress!!!

Who the hell are Jonas Brothers??!!
Not only that the media labeled them as the ‘Second Hanson’, the three brothers even sound like Hanson!!! The way they sing… I can mistake their voice for Taylor Hanson.

*pulling my hair and shout out loud*

Why the hell do they put a big stress in me?! Of course they are!!! I hate it when there are such pathetic individuals trying to be like Hanson, imitate their trademarks, be it intentionally or not, I still hate it!! The Mofatts, Jonas Brothers, whatever shit else, I just hate you guys! Sell off the cute faces, inside are all ineptly hopeless!

1 comment:

Eterna said...

Hanson freak hehehe.

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