Wednesday, July 9, 2008

End (but not quite yet) of 6th sem

Ah, exhausted!
Penat gile!
Cape deh~

Today started at 4:30am, restarted at 6:30am. Begin with an icy cold bath followed by few complications in reading Pancasila. The notes stack is as thick as the yellowpages (okay, im exaggerating here), full of writing, but I yet feel ‘empty’, my mind was numbing and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Got enough of reading the dreary notes, I took my lab coat and my experiment apparatus all packed up in the bag. I off to campus one hour before the exam started. Just because I thought that I could do something more meaningful with that time. I went to defrost my mint extract and reminded Mas Budi about the Culex sp. I’m about to use right after the exam.

Panca-what?! I got stuck at question 2b and the answer for question 3b and 3c were more or less the same. At least I wrote quite a long essay, as if I was blogging on the paper for the whole question no.1, hope it helps. It’s not fair that the international class juniors got to do their Pancasila exam in open-book, while us, we have to read and absorb every ramble that we never can understand.

Astaghfirullahalazim… is this my Obgyn results? I re-check twice, and yes it is! How can this be happening? I didn’t expect to get that shitty, the exam wasn’t so tough though. Is this some kind of mistake or what? But seems like everyone else got shits too. So, are the doctors making a mass destruction with my batch? I hope so, but who knows, I am really that stupid that I deserve it *dumbfounded* (Alhamdulillah there’ll be a remedial for that on Monday)

I got a free lunch today!!! Hehehe
It was a treat by an acquaintance we (me, Zana & Christina) met at the angkut. We met Ibu Henny somewhere early last month on the way back from the hospital. She works at the education department right opposite our campus. As Christina was being friendly to her (me & Zana hardly talk to strangers) and she was being over friendly too, she paid the angkut fare for all of us that time. Oops! We went and met her at her office after the exam (as we know that she would expect us so), then she brought us to the cafĂ© and treated us all rujak. Hmm… sedap la jugak~

After fully fueled, I went back to the lab and start my experiment. It was 2pm by that then and I knew that I’m going to take long. Therefore, I had to use the musholla (surau) for Zohor and Asar. Guess how much I hated to use the public telekung, but the telekung in Faal lab are all in good condition and comforting.

My exploration for the experiment ended by 5:20pm as I took 2 hours for observation. In the middle of the observation, I could predict some outcome and that resulted me in testing for another concentration.

“Mas, mau nyamuk lagi satu kandang”

and I continued with the 4th trial. I got a few results which I’m not sure if they are significant enough. Need to see my consultant tomorrow and hopefully I can proceed with what I’ve got. The mosquitoes were nasty! Few escaped from the cage and bite me all the way throughout the experiment.
*imagining mode* - the mosquitoes must have some kind of revenge on me

“bad bad girl, what kind of research are you doing that kills us all?! Luckily you have such sweet blood here, I’ll call out my friends for supper on you. HA HA HA”

Thesis update

So far, this is how much I’ve spent for my thesis:
Last sem, Photostat + binding : Rp ±20 000
29th May, Photostat + binding : Rp 23 300
8th June, Mint leaves : Rp 1 650
9th June, Mint leaves : Rp 14 383
25th June, Pulverized mint : Rp 40 000
1st July, Mint extract : Rp 165 000
7th July, small bottle : Rp 2 000
Sprays : Rp 7 500

Mosquitoes use d : 75

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