Saturday, July 5, 2008

Move it like that

9 papers done, 1 more to go.
Yea, ONE more to go!!! (few remedial to follows…)

I started packing this afternoon, and little did I realized that there are actually tonnes of stuff are junking in my room! I started to sort on the books and lecturer notes, but didn’t quite find any suitable boxes to load the weights. Wanted to pack up the clothes, but I'm afraid if I might want to use them. Wanted to pack up the text books and just seal them up, but I might need them for revision whenever something random pop-up my mind, and besides, I still need to study for the coming remedial papers which are still an uncertainty.

Ideas are on holiday for awhile, mood disappear for the nick of time. Hence no words to dance around with tonight –except for few pictures. Hope these explain a little bit about the 4th July 2008.

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