Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Growing chronicles

Six papers done, two more to go! (and maybe a few remedial…)

Today, I suddenly feel like there’s a hefty acceleration in my growing chronicle. The chart has been quickening up since last year actually –when I realized most of my friends are starting to get busy (just like in the typical adulthood) and many of them are graduating and starting their ‘working life’.

However today, is the first time in my life receiving a wedding invitation from a friend! (and you say… “what’s so ‘big deal’?”) I don’t know what so big deal that is, but I somehow feel that ‘first time’ is something to put in the record (you know, just like the first time of period, first time of having a boyfriend, etc). Btw, the invitation is addressed under my name! wEee!! I never had seen any wedding invitation which is addressed to me before!

Devi, my classmate is setting into her matrimonial life. Apparently, the imaginary billboard written ‘When are you?!” pop-up my head. Oh please, whether I’m suppressing it or what, I am happily not planning of that in any time soon. Alia (my cousin) is getting married, angah is engaging, Dyen just have a job and boyfriend, Oc just ‘retired’ from his job and have a girlfriend, Aliana is graduating as a lawyer, hmm… seems like everyone is stepping further. Like… so what gitu lorh?!

Meanwhile, I still have to ‘happily-enjoying’ my remaining 3 years of study and 2 years of housemanship before I can start thinking of all the ‘adult business’. And yeah, be under my parents supervision, call out home asking them to fuel me up (money), living under their roof, within their curfews, get their shoulders to cry and whine on, writing them a ‘wishlist’ (and hoping that they will grant em all), and just be like normal, like how I usually be since I was small, its just that the distance that separates us.

How can I imagine living on my own, under my own circumstances and responsibility and alllll?! Earning and spending my own money? Living in my own house? Breeding my own family? Hmm… *gRrrRr scary!*

What about my exam today?

Surgery? hmm.. Do I look like I want to talk about it? Maybe just a few comments :

1. Why weren’t we allowed to scribble on the question paper??! I never get the motive of that!

2. Oh man, you guys did a lot of spelling errors in those sheets!!

Claudius Galen must be disappointed in his grave by now if he knows that you spelled his name as ‘Golen’ (dah jadi mcm nama India pulak).

While Hippocrates must be distress when he knows his name was spelled ‘Hipocrates’. *imagine mode* And he’ll go like :

“Excuse me doc, my name is spelled with double ‘P’ please…
how come you doctors didn’t know how to spell my name?!
I am the father of Modern Medicine!
And the doctor’s oath is on my name!
arrgh, these people aaa.. Never know how to appreciate me…*tension.. tension..*”

3. Why were there a lot of surgeon specialists mingle around the hall? Menyemmmak!

4. Thanks for the questions. I love you guys~ xoxo


faRha said...

bel, rmmbr me, this is farha. i found ure blog,haha!

Bil said...

farha!!! of coz i remember u! whats up doc?!

farha said...

i will link your blog to mine!

Bil said...

where's yours?!

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