Thursday, July 3, 2008


Teeth have feelings too you know – mine are upset right now. Or could it be my gums instead?
Yes indeed.

I found my toothbrush turned pink when I was brushing this evening. Why??? I am not going to find out the medical explanation on the bleeding manifestation of my gum without any sign of pain. Allow me to be silly this time, albeit of being an all-time silly girl I am, but I think my gum/teeth are upset because I refuse to study/revise on my next paper which is Gimul (a.k.a Gigi & Mulut a.k.a Oral & Co.?). It's freaking tedious alright?!

I can sense the hesitance in my teeth, or perhaps the whole community in my oral cavity - that I don’t love them…

Oh come on, I love you guys!
What do you think that made my parents spends thousands of ringgit for? Not just an aesthetically worth, but for the whole package of healthy and functional teeth I must have. Despite of that, I even had dreamt about my teeth few times in my sleep (actually…)!

So now, don’t I (we : me + my parents) love you enough?

Site of the day - for those who loves foods : "Food for the thought"

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