Thursday, July 10, 2008

The pseudo-welcoming breeze

I can’t remember the last time I came out from the bathroom without shiver. Pity Kim who has been an ardent ear to my early-morning-whining in bath (since her room is just beside my bathroom). Malang is getting colder these days. July – It’s the chilly season again!

This nippy zephyr is just another reminiscent of my first time arriving Malang. I was expecting it to be so as how it has to be geographically, and what has been told from others.

“Oh, it is really cold here, no kidding” I thought, right when I landed my feet out of the car.

However, the very warm welcome from Ibu Arief compensated it all back and makes me feel cozy in her sweet temperate crib. Aww... bestnya rumah ibu! Feel like going back to her place. I vividly remember that chilly-warm moment in my most lovable foster parents’ house, with all the homesickness aired my heart. For the first time being really away from home, far from family and friends, distance away from Zhaf – it was back then when I felt that Malang at it’s coldest climate.

The new juniors who are coming by this month might feel the same way as how I did (I reckon), and all about this another dimension of the world they’ve yet to explore. It is not always this cold, the weather can be really scorching hot sometimes, therefore don’t be cheated by this pseudo-welcoming breeze, and it is just the prelude of so much more crazy weather around here as time goes by.

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