Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking record!

So this is how it feels…An approach of all the pleasantness and freedom of knowing that I owe my own new record now. FIFTEEN rounds – breaking my old record of 13 rounds.

It almost sounds impossible when I remembered my first time jogging around the Rector’s Field. I only managed to make about 3 rounds by that time. It was 2 years back then. Then the number started to increase by time, from 3 to 6 to 8 to 10 and just recently, I made it up to 12 and 13 (Reminiscing of my old blog entry - 28th Dec 2006, "Bouncy morning it is!!!") . But today, the record is 15! Phew~ Started this semester, the jogging track (not exactly a track, it’s only a road circling the field) became wider, there’s an extension about 300 meters extra. It used to be 750m per round, so now it’s about 1km a round, which means, I ran about 15km this morning?! Oh no, that’s holy!!

I woke up at 5am this morning (4:30am usually), and after performing my Subuh prayer, I went for a little warm up outside the garden (which is still within my house compound). Probably, I started jogging at 5:30am. For the first time, I managed to make eight of ‘tiptoed-initiation’ rounds before I continued running on full feet. The tiptoed-initiation rounds determine how much further I can go, it usually as much as the numbers. This means, if I managed an eight initiation rounds, I can still have the stamina for another eight more rounds of full-feeted plus the elimination round. I should have gone sixteen rounds actually… The plan was only 13 rounds at first, however on the 11th round, I saw Juli already started walking (cooling down), I remembered him challenging me a 15 rounds of jog. So, why not? Congratulations to me! I took the challenge and I made it!!!

I made my elimination round (which is a normal 1km round plus running around the water fountain roundabout) on the 10th. The dead beat feeling wasn’t there yet, no sign of exhaustion still. I permitted myself to continue the elimination round with a high speed run for another one whole round (the 11th). Surprisingly, on the deceleration of the high speed, it feels like a stamina boost up – rendering me to go for another high speed round for the 12th. Thinking that I had another 4 rounds to complete my mission, I went from a normal full-feet run on the 13th and 14th and finally, a loser pace round on the 15th. Alhamdulillah… holy Allah for the stamina I had this morning. It’s almost unbelievable. Celebrating my 15 rounds of jogging, I thoroughly had my cooling down brief-to-slow walk for another 5 rounds! Overall, I encompassing 20 sequences around the Rector’s field today – 31st May 2008.

The stamina maybe boosting up, but I doubt that my metabolism is boosting up too. It has been since ever that this metabolism that manages my body is slow, sluggish and stumpy! No matter how much I work out, this nasty stubborn metabolism is still not going to pick up its pace, thus leaving all the foods I eat for days before they’re all burn out and turned into energy. This is why I am forever fat, plumpy, flashy, flabby, hefty, heavy, everything you named it! Diet regime and routine jogging won’t make much difference to my body, maybe it helps a bit, but never seem significant. Argh, benci!!! (Reminiscing of my old blog entry – 11th November 2005, “Engaged in the state of corpulent”)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dilarang masuk??!!

“Dilarang Masuk!”??! What is that suppose to mean? That’s my class in there, not fair!!!
I wonder who the lecturer for today’s psychiatry class was. I imagined her wearing a pair of pointed-corner glasses, has a sharp nose, thin yet wide mouth, very tall and skinny figure – just like how the character of a mean teacher they usually draw in cartoons and movies.

The class coordinator had arranged a replacement class for psychiatry (the dosen dah ponteng twice! She has to replace it somehow…) today at 10am after our IPD (Internal Medicine) class. First class ended 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, just enough time for us to get fueled up at the cafeteria since we didn’t get proper breakfast this morning before we left home. As usual, my all time café meal has always been gado-gado –it’s one of my favourite food in Malang after tempe goreng. Suddenly the handphone beep and it was a sms from Zana, who was already in the class, telling us something like “dosen dah masuk, dia garang, cepat!”, I looked up my watch and it was only 10.03am! I thought we could still have chance to make it into class without triggering the righteous anger of the lecturer . Then was when another sms came saying “Korang tak payah masuk la, dosen dah lock pintu”. I looked at my watch again, and it was 10.05am. What tha?! She couldn’t even wait us for 5 minutes? That’s shitty unfair! We waited patiently for her and wasted an hour last Monday until we knew that she couldn’t make it, and to our next disappointment was when she suddenly canceled the class after our much reluctant effort of coming back to the campus in the afternoon. How’s that?! Didn’t we tolerate you enough? Why can’t you tolerate us for a futile 5 minutes? How pathetic of you doctor… I’m so disappointed!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went back to the hall and found that there were about 30 of my classmates stranded outside the door pathetically looking at the sign “Dilarang masuk!” pasted on it. If the class is missing 30 students, means there were only about 130 of them inside (minus all the ‘flyers’, roughly there were less than 100 students attended her lecture with much anticipation and eager). My bag was left inside the class. Luckily, I had my handphone, purse and water tumbler with me – my essentials of living. So, what we could do then was, go back home and asked the kindness of Zana, Christina and Ima to bring our bags home. But we couldn’t go back home just yet cause our keys are in the bags which were left inside the class! Where else to go if it’s not Matos? Hahaha, kena halau kelas, then pegi mall pulak! Not only that only we mingled around the mall, but we went to watch Indiana Jones too!

It was such a hilarious day for us actually… that was my first time being locked out of the class. I somehow still can’t accept that it was my fault. The blame is still on the outlawed psychiatry lecturer who can’t just tolerate with 5 minutes late and pendek kata.. tak sedar diri!!! Dia lambat and ponteng mengajar boleh pulak! I’m so pissed at you doc!!! No matter how best psychiatrist you are, but I think you still can’t be a good doctor for yourself as you a psycho patient yourself. Uh, geram la jugak… Situation worsen when the house is blacked-out on the very peak of burning sun, I was cooked inside the room, trying to study but ended up napping on bed til Maghrib.

It’s Wednesday again – The Liveband-evening at The Terrace. I discovered that listening to liveband brings ease to my soul, if only I could stay in the café for whole night long just sit there and listen til I dozed off… I didn’t know it was Wednesday til Thanes asked me if I’d like to watch Panji and the girls performing tonight. Didn’t know where my mind was at (maybe I was thinking about Zhaf too much and wonder if I can survive these few days without credit, it confused me somehow) I lost the sense of time. However I can still remember my countdown, 48 days to home. I went out of the house quite early this evening, so we went for an hour of pool session at The Loft while waiting for Panji’s show. Pool is one game for me to practice my focus, concentration and aims. Too sad Kak Nad couldn’t join us. She’s sick, so I went to visit her just now. Thank god her house is just 2 blocks away from mine. Kak Nuzul didn’t join us too. She seems to have a never ending preparation for her thesis presentation and thesis examination. Good luck to her then! And Get well soon Kak Nad!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Filling in whats falling...

Pediatric class cancelled! *normal mode*. Aarrghh I’m so pissed now! Final is in a month and many classes are yet to be replaced! When??!! The day before the exam? *sigh*. The feelings are currently an intermingling of fury, confused, slacken and a thousand more of indefinite emotions. It was only 8.15am by the time our surgery lecture ended.

Aggravation wanders out of my confused emotions as I walked out the hall. Home was not my intermediate destination. As I dragged this digressed feet strolling down the stairs, I got the idea of going on consultation with my thesis consultant at the parasitology lab. With much hesitation that he would be around by that time, I just checked out my luck. Yes, he was not there. Somehow I had to get my thesis proceeding. The lab assistant gave me a piece of formula to fill in as an initial procedure to register my experiment to the laboratory. It is also as a permit for me to use the lab in order to handle my experiment later.

Once the registration process is done and I get the permission from the lab, I would have to get the experiment elements ready. Basically I will need to get mint leaves and send them to the pharmacology lab to be extracted. Jay recommended me to get my mint leaves of a specific species (Mentha arvensis var javanicum) at one of the herbs nursery somewhere in Batu, a half an hour drive from my place. But I’m thinking of not to waste too much effort on getting the leaves as I can actually get them easily from Hypermart, which is just few steps away from my house. Next, I would have to ask the help from Mas Budi to catch me about 500 mosquitoes (or maybe more) by a specific species which is the Culex sp. Hopefully, by end of this sem, I’ve already started my first step of experiment which is the exploration of the amount of concentrated mint extract to knock out the mosquitoes.

Thesis is such a headache. Salute to those with unwavering ideas of researches! To those who are working on a million-rupiah research, those with white rats, bacterias, complex lab appliances and intricate formulas, may God be with you and blessed every steps you take in order to explore the mysterious yet miraculous world of medicine for the better tomorrow. For now, all I can effort, is to find out the potential of mint leaves as insecticide specifically for mosquitoes (Culex sp.). If my hypothesis is proven, insecticide manufacturers might want to make a more environmental friendly insecticides for the world. Looking at the importance of insecticide – mosquitoes are one of the biggest vector of spreading deadly disease. And me, I am about to find a solution in eradicating those merciless vicious nasty creatures!!! Wish me luck!

In order to fulfill my very ample time today, I’ve recorded today’s lecture and going to re-listen to it. Today’s lecture on Embriology surgery is pretty interesting. As how important first impression is, it is proven today as the lecturer walked in the class with her laid-back personality, stray of white hairs on her almost bald scalp (not that her hair is falling, but she has the tomboyish hairstyle), khaki pants, loosen casual blouse, exotic necklace and wooden beads bracelet around her fair wrist. She has the serenity personality that makes me feel comfortable learning with her. Unfortunately, she was only able to teach us for one hour as she has other responsibility at the hospital. Will be seeing her again on the 5th June at 7am, discussing the extension of the same topic.Medical world is full of astounded investigation of the complexity human being, today I know that doctors (surgeons) actually perform surgery even on embryos as young as 3 weeks old in the mothers’ womb (once they found an abnormality in their development)!!! wOowww!!! phewww~

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My Banana Songket

Right after the frustration and due to ample of free time, I get the idea of filling it by going to the saloon. Then I remembered that My Saloon is off on Mondays. I insisted to go somewhere, not just sit at home. So I asked Kim if she’d like to go Alun-alun with me. Alun-alun is in the town where the pasar besar and most of the malls are there. I usually go to Alun-alun to shop for textiles. Since I came here, I became a fabrics craze. Never ever shopped for my own baju raya before back in Malaysia, everything was on mama. Growing up is fun actually!!! I can now buy fabrics & design my own baju raya!

The idea was to get something to wear on Angah’s engagement. I was bewildered by ideas of gorgeous and elegance dresses to wear but no quite budget to attain them for now. I had a quite a funny dream last night. I dreamt that my future housemates (I’m moving next semester to a place nearer to the hospital) and I are wearing all yellow baju kurung on our housewarming kenduri (just because our new house is yellow). I told them about my dream and that I’m going to make one yellow baju kurung. As far as I remembered, I never had any yellow kurung before. I was all excited about it, for once, an accepted wisdom of me planning on having a different color other than pink, and eventually it has to be yellow. The yellow idea was dragged out til everyone is persuaded to wear yellow to Kim’s engagement this August. Practically, the theme is going to be yellow, and as Kim has to wear something more outrageous than yellow, so she chose yellowish gold.

I went on the ridiculous Rp2500 ride on angkut to Alun-alun with Kim and Jay. Kim got a very very gorgeous fabric. It is not that gold, neither too yellow. It is more to brownish yellow, and I’m sure it’ll look dazzling once its ready. Jay got her dream black lacy sequined fabric. They both got discounted price at the shop just because I came along… *wink* The owner is familiar with me and he kept on mentioning that he’ll give the best price to me as a regular customer. He remembered me and my pink tumbler well! (maybe next time I’ll go with my new black Sigg tumbler, see if he can still recognized me. hehe).

And me? Of course I got my yellowish dream come true. At first, the lady showed me some yellowish gold songket and matched it with yellowish gold top. But it wasn’t as how it was in my dream. I picked a very shocking yellow textile and showed to them as how I imagined my baju kurung will be. They were startled and I from their faces I could read “biar betolllll Bil ni!!!”. I couldn’t believe myself picking such color too, guess I was infected with a really bad Yellow Fever Virus! The suggested fabrics were not up to my expectation, so I went around the shop and found a very yellow songket in the bundle sale, eureka! Now it’s time to find a matching top (I don’t want to wear a whole baju kurung songket or I’ll look like a malay bride). The suitable top I found isn’t really yellow but it matched the sarong. Since the top is going to be plain, I’m planning to put some gems around the collar and make them scattered so it’ll look like in the treasure chest. In a glimpse, I maybe look like a royal sultanah, by the next sight, I maybe look like a banana, if I grow a bit more fatter, I’ll be exactly like the Digi monster. So, that’s about my yellowish banana treasure chest songket baju kurung, going to get them to be tailored around this week. I’m satisfied, now I can sleep well. Hoping that no more weird dreams come tonight cause I’m out of budget for anything else.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bimboistic Clown Act

Psychiatry class cancelled *normal mode*. It might be fun at first when you get classes cancelled, which means you can have the whole period spent at home, maybe sleeping, resting, go online or whatsoever. But as it happens so much frequent, it starts to get on my nerve. Not that I’m really looking forward to it, but at least, I’ve set my mind for it and was all ready for a new fresh topic to learn. And it was quite frustrating that the attire I wore today was not being fully worn out before I dump them into the laundry basket. Bazir duit nak bayar laundry jer. If I knew the class was cancelled, I would have just go to class in my pjs. Not only that, I’ve wasted a few drops of my J’dore Dior perfume too! Looking at the bright side of it, I have at least walked a few miles to and fro the campus, some fats have been burned out and as I went out walking under the sun, my body must have absorbed some of the vitamin D from the sunlight as it helps converting the calcium into an active product to be used by my body. Alright, nothing to lose here… but some time has been wasted for nothing.

Early this morning, I had Pancasila class (a compulsory subject in Indonesia, about their democracy). That is the most inconsequential subject I’ve ever had my whole 19 years of education. Everyone is trying to skip the class as possible as they can. But we have this one witted genius lecturer who knows how to make everyone attend his class. Therefore, as naïve as I am, I never skipped the class, but once.

Today my group was presenting our assignment on The Future of District Autonomy. I’m not quite interested in it, but since I’ve been working on the assignment, somehow I knew about this system. Among all my group members, I was the last one to stand up in front to present (basically, I only read the conclusion and suggestion). As I stood up, the class suddenly turned from noisy to a moderate silence. It’s a normal thing happens when the Malaysian is presenting. Solemnly waiting for our ‘clown act’ in front of the class, talking in a weird slang of Bahasa Indonesia as they might find it rather humorous, in which actually gives me an absolute quaint! Maybe I was nervous… I didn’t practice for the presentation (who does anyway??! Tak kuasa aku nak practice Pancasila presentation), I only got my part few minutes before it started. As complicated as the title of our presentation, the jargon just didn’t get influence with my tongue. I mistake ‘kewenangan’ for ‘kewangan’ and I pronounce ‘1999’ as “Sebilan belas ninety nine” , how bimbo did I looked?! Like I care anyways~

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Love, Happiness, Wealth and Health

What is the relation between love and happiness? Do they equal? Interdependent and supporting? Mutual and sharing? Or two rivaling sentiments?

Maybe they can be everything, anything depends on how you want it to be. But it’s not just about oneself as these two sentiments involved every other element in the environment. Emotion plays one important role in maintaining the warmth and fondness between both love and happiness. However, as a wobbly little imp emotion is, it is advisable not to point it as a base in designing a perfect strategy in balancing these two sentiments as it is much affected by the internal factors that’s uncontrollable such as the hormonal rush (as how much I hate PMS and so does Zhaf who has to bare with it on a very trough of his ego).

Can love and happiness be achieved simultaneously with money and materials? I’m not interested in researching on these factors, but I would highly agree if someone has to proven it (cause I see a lot of suffering in poverty too).

I would agree with the quote ‘Health is Wealth’ and I would also agree if it goes vice versa. Wealth is something countable, a quantity which can be seen and hold. It gives as much pleasure when you earn a pot of gold in the same way as when you are in a good healthy life. Nevertheless, as insatiable hunger human beings are, affirmatively I must say, if I were about to choose between wealth and health, I would so much be confused either. Health is one mystified condition hiding under the mist of wealth. It’s more than luck to take to attain the perfect health, and so much wealth to spend in managing it too. It’s given and it is achieved individually. Therefore, it is not surprising if nowadays people are much praying for health (a.k.a living it to God and fate) while they are much running for wealth (a.k.a competing physically). After all, materialistic human is actually much loving and caring, cause wealth is something that can be shared and of course brings happiness too (except for those greedy stingy monsters), while health freak in another way, is seen as a selfish and egocentric (cause health cannot be visibly shared).

Zhafri deary, I understand if all these while, you’ve been working hard and put aside a big saving. Cause now I see that wealthy is caring, and caring is loving. But as for me now, I’ve no open roads to a wealthy life, so let me fasten a healthy living and learn to manage my emotion and do more research on how to control these nasty scuttling hormones. We balance each other, just like how love and happiness are *wink*.

Discovering one of my unique capability today – I can open up a packet of marie biscuit with a hair twizer.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nipple stimulation Vs. Oxytocin injection

Little mist of frustration lingers around when the electric tripped off while the lecturer was trying to put on the Water Birth video on the screen. Bad time I guess. Shit always happen when you’re in Indonesia (no offend). Yesterday, the Psychiatry replacement class was cancelled due to a stupid miscommunication between the class coordinator and the lecturer. The coordinator was the least to be blamed, I think it was the lecturer whose undergoing dementia process.

Obgyn (Obstetric & Gynecology) class went smoothly this morning (except for the blackout incident 10minutes before the class ended). The topic was Pimpinan Persalinan Normal. I think it is more or less the same as last week’s topic. Since I’ve finished covering last week’s notes, so it was easier for me to understand today’s lecture and get embraced into it.

One of my most confusing question about normal labour had been answered today. As told by Kak Nuzul, in Indonesia, particularly in RSSA, the RPS (Rangsangan Puting Susu) method is being used to stimulate the oxytocin secretion during the 1st stage of labour, while in Malaysia, no RPS is being performed as they straight away injected (intramuscularly) exogenous oxytocin into mothers. So the question is, what is the difference between RPS and injection of exogenous oxytocin on 1st stage of In-Partu (labour) mothers?
(My hypothesis : exogeneous oxytocin is rather costly compared to RPS which doesn’t cost anything as it is a natural way of secreting hormone – considering the economical status of patients in Indonesia which is lower than those in Malaysia. So, lets check out if my hypothesis is correct…)

Then later today further during the lecture, I found out that in Indonesia, there is actually an injected exogenous oxytocin to mothers, but it only happen during 3rd stage of labour which is AFTER the baby is born. (After all, it can’t be about the economical factor isn’t it?)

So, why is the introduction (intramuscular injection) of oxytocin (which is to induce contraction of the uterus muscle) only happening during the active management during the 3rd stage (which is to eliminate the placenta) and not during the 1st or 2nd stage during which the process of giving birth to the baby? My idea of oxytocin as to induce contraction of uterus muscle is more helpful and beneficial if it can help the mother in delivering the baby rather than expedient in eliminating the placenta after birth.

The doctor/lecturer then calmly answered to my question. As what I understand from his explanation, during the 1st and 2nd stage of labour, the uterus need a gradual contraction with a rhythmic and more stable frequency in order to 1. make a proper dilation and effacement of the cervix and 2. deliver the baby safely. If oxytocin is injected during these stages, the contraction of uterus is vigorous and more rapidly without a resting pace in between each contractions. These prompt contraction will not construct to cervix dilation and effacement, and likewise will put a high pressure on the baby. Thus, the idea of injecting exogenous oxytocin during these stages is rather harmful than helpful. Meanwhile, the exogenous oxytocin is however very supportive during the 3rd stage of labour (which is the elimination of placenta), because it helps the uterus to make one powerful contraction without or with less effort from the exhausted mother to push it out.

So, the final question is, how true is that in Malaysia, exogenous oxytocin is injected into In-Partu mothers during the 1st and 2nd stage? If RPS is not being performed, how do they help the mothers in stimulating the secretion of oxytocin? If it is true that exogenous oxytocin is being used, how is the dosage?

Something I found on the internet today :

Love-making Sexual intercourse is thought to work in two ways. It may trigger the release of a hormone called oxytocin - the 'contraction' hormone - and this may increase the frequency of Braxton-Hicks, or practice, contractions. Semen also contains substances called prostaglandins. These can help to ripen, or soften, the neck of the womb (cervix) ready for it to dilate whenlabour contractions start.

If you think your waters may have broken, don't make love as this may increase the risk of infection, but do seek advice from your midwife or your local maternity unit.

Nipple stimulation This will release the hormone oxytocin and may help start labour. It's only likely to be successful if your cervix is 'ripe' and ready to dilate, otherwise it seems to help with the ripening process. There is no agreement on how much nipple stimulation you need, or how often, to stimulate contractions.

Walking This is also a common suggestion. The explanation appears to be that the pressure of your baby's head pressing down on the cervix from the inside stimulates the release ofoxytocin, hopefully bringing on labour. If your baby has not 'dropped' or is still high in the pelvis, walking will also encourage your baby into a better position so that labour is more likely to start on its own. (Click here for more)

Emotional Rollercoaster

If life is a road, women’s life then is akin to a rollercoaster rails. Sometimes, we feel like it’s driving us to death that we might just toss out of the wagon and hurl down hitting the rails after one another. But most of the time, we’re just too ‘lucky’ that the cables are safe to hold us up til the end of the sensible wild journey but with a hither and thither of a heart attack. Blame it on the hormone! Remember, the rollercoaster ride is not just for one round.

What’s bothering me so much today? Okay, two classes cancelled, double disappointment but that’s normal, so what? it’s not like I’m very looking forward and all excited about meeting the lecturers nor eager to learn about the topics for today’s classes. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else that triggered my life wire. I didn’t realized these changes in mood, I am all fine til Thanesh came grumbling about my performance in pool. Well, then I realized that there’s actually something wrong with me somewhere… it was never about winning the game, but even the grasp of focusing on the cue wasn’t exactly there.

Focusing is not easy. This was the subject matter I discussed with Juli (my jogging friend) last weekend after finishing 12 rounds of dead-beat jog. He suggested me to listen to some music while running as it will intensify my pace and strengthens my stamina, and then he started to tell me all about the yoga and the importance of focusing. It made me realized that I never focus on most of my activities. Even during prayers, I don’t get the khusyuk often. Sometimes I pray to Allah and ask Him for this and that, but at the same time, somewhere in the corner of my mind, I was thinking about something else such as ‘what’s the time now?’, ‘what’s my plan after this?’, and things like that (ntah ape2 ntah..~) It happens during study time as well. I’ll be busy making myself understand into the details of things, but in the end, I will be not quite sure of what the details are all about exactly. Sometimes, I do something just for the sake of doing it and getting it done. After all, it’s not about the quantity that matters, the quality that need to be in concern. For now, I am trying to hold on to these 3 words til I accomplish of mastering it all – Focus, Faith and Fun (yea, I should go enjoy my life more often now as things are getting tougher).

Talking about having fun, I went dinner at The Terrace this evening watching Panji and his liveband performing. Dhea was there too singing all gracefully. They’re only about my age, but seems like nothing much to worry about, and live with the music day and night. How nice~ No wonder Hanson are all good-looking, lively and full of life. Alrite, im starting to crap already. Good night!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bizarre Begins

Bismillahirahmanirrahim on my numerous attempts to reblogging. This time, the idea to reblog came from Umi (my aunt) just about few hours ago before I dozed off to bed. She insists me to write on ‘the journey of a medical student’ or some sort like that. However, I don’t have specific subject to put my focus on ever since my first blog. Mostly whatever is being typed are whatever agendas that are running through my mind. In the past few months, I was thinking of having a blog on jogging, which I gonna call it ‘Jog Blog’, where I’ll write about my everyday routine and keep track on my jogging activities and other exercises I do. By mean, it’ll be an uphold to preserve my healthy daily living activities. Nevertheless, the idea is just too detailed and I’d like to make it more general now. Okay, let’s start my fingers jogging on the keyboard!

It’s not even 9am and yet I already feel like its about lunch time. Not that the hunger drives my appetite, but the weariness of the morning is exhausting enough. Not that exhausted though, but frustrating actually. Getting ready for 7am class, be there on time in my proper purple baju kurung with blue accessories, and just set to face my Wednesday and the one and only class for today which is IPD (Ilmu Penyakit Dalam @ Internal Medicine). Lingered around in the lecture hall just chit chatting with my friends while having 2 pieces of tempe goring (my all time favourite food) til we realized that 1 hour has passed by but yet no dosen (a.k.a lecturer) has entered the class. Then was when the class coordinator made an announcement saying that the dosen couldn’t make it this morning. Aarrgh, this is the commonest disappointment of 6th semester! The lecturers are mostly doctors and specialist who are actually working and have other commitments to the patients and hospitals, which they usually have to put us (students) on their least of priority. Normally, in a week, we’ll have 2 classes cancelled on the spot (when we’re all already waiting patiently in the hall). And later on, there’ll be the replacement class on the least expected time, on the evening or even weekends!

If only I knew that the dosen couldn’t make it this morning, I would have gone jogging or even snug in my bed! Supposed Wednesday class is only from 7-10am, however there’ll be a Psychiatry replacement class at 11am. Tomorrow, where classes are scheduled from 8-11am, however is added another one extra Pediatric class at 12-1pm, due to the disability of the dosen. I mean, a real disability – the dosen is half paralyzed and move on wheelchair. Since our lecturer hall at the campus is on the 2nd floor and there’s no elevator, so there’s no way the dosen can teach us there, subsequently, the students have to come to the hospital and study at the lecture hall there. See, our schedule is so messed up already! Due to this harassment (transportation to the hospital Rp4000, 1 hour class only listening to the dosen reading everything exactly from the slides), I’ve skipped the class twice so far…
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