Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking record!

So this is how it feels…An approach of all the pleasantness and freedom of knowing that I owe my own new record now. FIFTEEN rounds – breaking my old record of 13 rounds.

It almost sounds impossible when I remembered my first time jogging around the Rector’s Field. I only managed to make about 3 rounds by that time. It was 2 years back then. Then the number started to increase by time, from 3 to 6 to 8 to 10 and just recently, I made it up to 12 and 13 (Reminiscing of my old blog entry - 28th Dec 2006, "Bouncy morning it is!!!") . But today, the record is 15! Phew~ Started this semester, the jogging track (not exactly a track, it’s only a road circling the field) became wider, there’s an extension about 300 meters extra. It used to be 750m per round, so now it’s about 1km a round, which means, I ran about 15km this morning?! Oh no, that’s holy!!

I woke up at 5am this morning (4:30am usually), and after performing my Subuh prayer, I went for a little warm up outside the garden (which is still within my house compound). Probably, I started jogging at 5:30am. For the first time, I managed to make eight of ‘tiptoed-initiation’ rounds before I continued running on full feet. The tiptoed-initiation rounds determine how much further I can go, it usually as much as the numbers. This means, if I managed an eight initiation rounds, I can still have the stamina for another eight more rounds of full-feeted plus the elimination round. I should have gone sixteen rounds actually… The plan was only 13 rounds at first, however on the 11th round, I saw Juli already started walking (cooling down), I remembered him challenging me a 15 rounds of jog. So, why not? Congratulations to me! I took the challenge and I made it!!!

I made my elimination round (which is a normal 1km round plus running around the water fountain roundabout) on the 10th. The dead beat feeling wasn’t there yet, no sign of exhaustion still. I permitted myself to continue the elimination round with a high speed run for another one whole round (the 11th). Surprisingly, on the deceleration of the high speed, it feels like a stamina boost up – rendering me to go for another high speed round for the 12th. Thinking that I had another 4 rounds to complete my mission, I went from a normal full-feet run on the 13th and 14th and finally, a loser pace round on the 15th. Alhamdulillah… holy Allah for the stamina I had this morning. It’s almost unbelievable. Celebrating my 15 rounds of jogging, I thoroughly had my cooling down brief-to-slow walk for another 5 rounds! Overall, I encompassing 20 sequences around the Rector’s field today – 31st May 2008.

The stamina maybe boosting up, but I doubt that my metabolism is boosting up too. It has been since ever that this metabolism that manages my body is slow, sluggish and stumpy! No matter how much I work out, this nasty stubborn metabolism is still not going to pick up its pace, thus leaving all the foods I eat for days before they’re all burn out and turned into energy. This is why I am forever fat, plumpy, flashy, flabby, hefty, heavy, everything you named it! Diet regime and routine jogging won’t make much difference to my body, maybe it helps a bit, but never seem significant. Argh, benci!!! (Reminiscing of my old blog entry – 11th November 2005, “Engaged in the state of corpulent”)


RidzaSmart said...

wow...congrates...din know u jog...Indonesia changed ur life...and for the better...kan..?that's y we need to hijrah... :)...changing and learning new things...nak jog jugak..!tp tggu la...not now...TAHNIAH lagi..!mana ada fatty2 dah...dah makin ayu la... :)

Bil said...

thanks kucha!! i became a jog freak since i was in college actually.. then was even crazier than now.

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