Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conceited vanity

Orang melayu cakap lenguh-lenguh
Orang jawa cakap pegel-pegel linu
Orang putih cakap muscle aching
Doctors cakap muscle spasm

Walau apa mereka cakap, saya rasa sama saja. My back is aching and I’m on Ammeltz Yoko-yoko *wink*
In addition to that, a fruit platter and a bowl of nutritious whole-grained cereals with raisins to ensure adequate vitamins consumption and to encounter back all the nasty toxins and caffeine residues that are still encircling in my body system.

To my twins (the kidneys), I really pity that you guys have to work extra hard these days filtering those nasty caffeine. Glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule, and all the tubules, thank you guys for your faithfulness. My urine wouldn’t get caffeinated and smell like one if you guys are not working…

To my heart, you think I didn’t, but I actually realized those tachycardias… I feel bad for the elevated demand of blood supply throughout my systems, but I just can’t help it. The situation is inquiring me to… Please hold on, just a few more days to go.

To my bone cells, I’m sorry that the absorption of calcium is declining nowadays due to the inhibition from the caffeine. I promise I’ll get back with a high calcium intake and protect my bony babies. Thank you for moving me up anyways…

To my fat cells, serve you guys right! I wish all of you will shrink and die, lipolysis and apoptosis. That's my intention for the invaders who make me fat! If I have the money, I would go suck you guys all out! nasty!!

To my muscles, I’ll get back on track and jog up once all this exam phenomenon is over. I promise to get you guys all toned up!

To my brain, you are my very precious. Thanks to the devoted neurons and dedicated neurotransmitters who have been working hard day and night producing, releasing, transmitting, re-uptaking, and degrading just to ensure that this Bil is working fine and live out through her days.
p.s : may I get more dopamine please?

To my whole body and soul and the systems within, thank you for being inside of me and be apart of me! Another 4 more papers (and maybe few remedial papers) to go! And 17 days to home!!! Chayok chayok my body!! We work it out together, we’ll make it through this!

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