Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Capek deh~

Quite an exhausting day~
Woke up for Subuh around 4:30am (first time in this week I managed to wake up on my own – usually Zana or Kim will be my Subuh alarm), recite few pages of Quran and got very lazy to lift up this ass from the sejadah, so I continued with other morning doa and rituals til it turned 6am. Quite sleepy in the class, especially when the dosen talked over a 2 slides presentation of graphics, as he kept on repeating the same thing over and over. It was supposed to be a surgery class, but he was too much into further details which we have learnt in biochemistry years back. Practically, a kopiko and mentos yoghurt kept my eyes wide open and plunk a constant stimulation on my ‘short-term-concentration-loss’ disease.

Choral speaking was a chaos early this morning when we (the Malaysian) thought of cancelling the show (yea, ‘cancel’ it, not ‘quitting’ it, cause we the one who are in charged). After giving much tolerance to the unpunctuality of the batch members and being a mediocre of out batch’s presentation for Dekan Cup, I told the coordinator that we might not going to make it if things keep on being under the procrastination of the other members. I was firmed on my decision as I feel responsible for my friends who were much eager and excited about the whole thing at first. To cut the long story short, we managed to persuade and gather numbers of people to join in the performance. Practice ended around 1:30pm.

Evening napping cut short due to some task. I was plucking 1 kg of mint leaves (separating the leaves from the stems) for 3 hours this evening. Did the same thing since yesterday and going to continue plucking again tomorrow. My fingers smells like smelly mints up til now! Tediously wasting my time plucking the leaves, which at first I thought of paying someone to do it for me, but it’s always better and cheaper to do it by myself and get to hold delicately of every tiny bit of the leaves with my own hand – there’s apart of the precious sentimental value from the whole experiment.

So far, this is how much I’ve spent for my thesis:
Last sem, Photostat + binding – Rp ±20000
29th May, Photostat + binding – Rp 23300
8th June, Mint leaves – Rp 1650
9th June, Mint leaves – Rp 14383

Soon, there’ll be more to spend. Tension gak la… Lab registration fees, upah Mas Budi tangkap nyamuk, upah Ibu Fera untuk extract-kan mints, and few lab apparatus. Relax… relax, I already got a sponsor for my thesis. Thanks Along cantik!!!

Sunday is Dekan Cup, Saturday is the saloon-day. Next week is study week, and the week after next week is finals for 2 weeks! And then… balikkkkk!!! Kita enjoyyyy!!
Zuffy, here I come baby!!!

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